Why Biblical Dictionaries Are a Mixed Blessing (New NIDNTTE Introduction)

Moisés Silva on 4 years ago. Tagged under ,,.


NIDNTTE Free eBook‘Dictionaries can be a mixed blessing’ writes Moisés Silva in a new essay. Read the excerpt below to discover the pitfalls of some dictionaries.

You can get the rest of Silva’s essay in this just-released free eBook: the Primer on the revised New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology and Exegesis (NIDNTTE).

The free eBook will give you a test drive through the new NIDNTTE. You’ll investigate the New Testament words used for father, love, Jerusalem, and Hell — using adapted content from NIDNTTE. The eBook also includes more exclusive content similar to Silva’s essay.


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Dictionaries can be a mixed blessing. They are essential resources for the study of the vocabulary, but they also may reinforce our…

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