Wayne Grudem: “The Bible is enough.”

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Is the Bible enough for knowing what God wants us to believe and what he wants us to do?

The sufficiency of Scripture means that:

it contains all the words of God he intended his people to have in each stage of redemptive history, and it now contains everything we need God to tell us for salvation, for trusting him perfectly, and for obeying him perfectly.

Scripture contains everything we need for salvation.

In 2 Timothy 3:15, Paul says that Scripture is “able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.”

Paul goes on to write about Scripture containing everything we need to live the Christian life. Paul goes on to…

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Is Noah’s Flood Still Relevant? Longman Offers 6 Ways to Live the Story

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GenesisA few weeks ago, another volume in the landmark The Story of God Bible Commentary series was released. And by none other than the venerable Old Testament scholar Tremper Longman III.

Genesis offers pastors, students, and interested Christians a sturdy resource for hearing the voice of God in the text and finding an accessible explanation of its passages. But like all SGBC volumes, this one goes further than most Genesis commentaries: Not only does it help us hear and explore the Story, it helps us live it.

Reading the Bible is not just about discovering what it meant back then; the intent of The Story of God Bible Commentary is to probe how this text might be lived out today as that story continues to march on in…

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What Happened Between the Old and New Testaments? 4 Things You Need to Know to Read the New Testament Well

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Have you ever wondered what happened between the Old and New Testaments?

If you’ve ever flipped from the last page of the Old Testament to the first page of the new—you’ve just skipped over 400 years of history with that single page turn.

What exactly happened during these 400 years? Who was in control? What people groups shaped the experience of the earliest Christians?

In those four hundred years, the Pharisees and Sadducees, synagogues, Roman governors, and the family of Herod emerged onto the scene. None were present in the Old Testament. Where did they come from?

And countless events not mentioned in the New Testament had a profound impact on the world of Jesus, such as the Maccabean revolt, the rise of the Essenes, the dominance of the Greek…

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Tremper Longman on Genesis’ Theological Message and the Story of God

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GenesisGenesis. What a fascinating book. And not a little controversial! It’s also profoundly “theologically rich,” according to Tremper Longman III.

In his new Genesis commentary in the ground-breaking Story of God Bible Commentary series Longman argues, “it provides a foundation for the knowledge of God and his human creatures’ relationship with him.” (13)

He goes on to reveal how “varied and profound” its theological teachings are. Each part contains a “unique focus” and makes an “important theological contribution.” Which is why we’ve provided commentary from Longman on Genesis’ theological message and its relationship to the Story of God.

It will help you grasp the significance of reading Genesis in its Old Testament context, from…

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The Companion to Accordance, BibleWorks, & Logos You’ve Been Missing

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9780310521303Cutting-edge Bible software has opened up Scripture like never before. Yet academic institutions have responded in one of two ways: either relying on traditional language learning strategies or equating learning Bible software with learning the languages.

Michael Williams hopes his new book Biblical Hebrew Companion for Bible Software Users will serve as a middle ground between the two extremes.

This resource enables anyone using biblical Hebrew language software to delve more deeply into the riches of the biblical text. (8)

While not a grammar book, this invaluable resource explains and demonstrates major terms. For each grammatical term popular Bible study programs present, this book provides three critical pieces of information: how the grammatical feature looks, what the grammatical feature does, and an exegetical example of the grammatical feature.

This is…

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Free Course from Zondervan: How to Choose a Bible Translation

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Free Course from Zondervan

When there are hundreds of Bible translations to choose from, how do you know you’re using the right one?

In the How to Choose a Bible Translation course, you will learn:

How we got our English Bible What the major translations are Two different approaches to Bible translation Why literal translations aren’t always more accurate How we can be certain that the Bible we possess is really God’s Word Four guidelines for choosing Bible translation

When you enroll, you will get:

High-quality video lectures from J. Scott Duvall Reading materials adapted from the Grasping God’s Word textbook Review sessions using personalized adaptive learning technology Assessment tools

This course is a $20 value, but right now…

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What Can South Asia Teach the West About the Holy Spirit?

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South Asia Bible CommentaryThere has been a fascinating movement afoot within the Church since at least a decade ago: brothers and sisters in Christ from Africa, South America, and Asia have been teaching us Westerners a thing or two about Christian orthodoxy and orthopraxy.

A prime example is the new South Asia Bible Commentary, a resource by South Asian scholars for South Asian readers.

Originally the brainchild of fourteen Langham scholars from India and Christopher Wright, SABC is focused on “building a bridge between biblical teaching and life in modern South Asia.”

I submit it’s also a resource for us Westerners, as it provides a non-Western lens through which to view the Bible and Christian theology. Given increasing global (particularly Eastern) influences in the West and the global nature of the Church…

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Against Social Norms – An Excerpt from Ruth (Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the Old Testament)

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In a male-dominated culture, as a foreigner among the people of God, living in one of the darkest periods in history, Ruth’s story stands out. Crossing social boundaries, she meticulously followed her mother-in-law’s plan.

Daniel L. Block explores the story of Ruth’s proposal in his recently released Ruth (Exegetical Commentary on the Old Testament). Join Block as he unpacks the meaning behind a story so often confusing.


Main Idea of the Passage

Transpiring at the threshing floor, this scene highlights Ruth’s scrupulous implementation of Naomi’s plan and Boaz’ response, which included a blessing for Ruth, but also alerted her to a complication jeopardizing not only their desire to marry, but also ultimately his place in Israel’s royal line. However, declaring on oath his determination to serve as גּאֵֹל for the clan of Elimelech should the opportunity come to him,…

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Hebrew and You with Lee M. Fields — Standing with the Lord (Ps 24:4)

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Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 9.54.49 PM Psalm 24 is a hymn to the Lord that praises him as owner of all creation because he is the creator and sustainer (vv. 1–2). The next stanza describes the person who has fellowship with the Lord (vv. 3–6). The final stanza is a praise to the Lord (vv. 7–10).

The middle stanza begins with the question of who can stand in the presence of this awesome creator Lord. Verse 4 answers that question with four…

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3 Profound Theological and Ideological Messages of Ruth

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When I was a pastor and I preached from the New Testament, my first go-to commentary was the Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament series. Its careful, exhaustive approach to the text gave my exegetical exploits sure footing.

Now we have the Old Testament equivalent, and Daniel Block’s commentary on Ruth is headlining the launch.

ZECOT provides pastors and teachers with a careful analysis and interpretation of the Hebrew text through several distinctive features: it offers a fresh, author-inspired translation; displays a structural “thought flow;” identifies and discusses the main idea; reveals its literary context; draws out the meaning of the Hebrew for interpretation; and outlines the theological and canonical significance.

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NIV Application Commentary Software Is Just $7.99 For a Short Time

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NIVAC Commentaries on Sale

Good news! Each NIV Application Commentary software edition is just $7.99 for a short time!

NIVACs are indispensable tools for understanding and teaching God’s Word.

And for a brief time all 42 NIVAC software editions are just 8 dollars apiece at the online stores of Logos, Accordance, WORDsearch, and Olive Tree. That means you save an average of 65% off the original price!

Act fast, this sale ends January 14!

(Note: If you buy from Logos, use code NIVAC16 to get the deal.)





Learn from word-class scholars with NIVAC commentaries:

John H. Walton on Genesis and Job Scot McKnight on Galatians and 1 Peter Tremper Longman III on…

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Devotional Advice for Gaining Wisdom & Living Purposefully in 2016

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devotions on the hebrew bibleThis time of year there is no shortage of advice for making 2016 your best year yet. May I make a suggestion for yet another source—and an unusual one at that?

The Hebrew language.

Yes, you read that right. Not the Hebrew Scriptures, though ultimately that’s where the advice is found. The Hebrew language. A brilliant new devotional book offers advice for living using insights from biblical Hebrew. It’s called Devotions on the Hebrew Bible, by Milton Eng’s and Lee Fields’s book.

Their book demonstrates “that a knowledge of the original languages can and should be a spiritually rewarding exercise.” (13) Each of the 54 devotionals is designed to bring out some grammatical or lexical insight from the original Hebrew…

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