Discover An Unexpected Spiritually Rewarding Practice for the New Year

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devotions on the hebrew bibleFor the past year I have had the privilege of serving as a theological and exegetical reviewer for a new Bible translation. Interacting with the original biblical languages in greater measure has been a surprisingly rich, deeply devotional endeavor.

I shouldn’t have been surprised, however, because knowing and studying the original languages can and should be a spiritually rewarding exercise. That’s the premise of a new devotional resource built on the scaffolding of biblical Hebrew.

With Devotions on the Hebrew Bible Milton Eng and Lee Fields have gifted the church a remarkable resource. Not only is it meant to encourage continued Hebrew language engagement, it’s also meant to nurture our devotional life and faith. Each of the 54 devotions “are designed to bring out…

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Top 12 Biblical-Theological Posts in 2015

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The end of the year provides us two opportunities: to remember the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and to reflect upon what we’ve learned this year.

Here are 12 of this blog’s most read and talked-about posts from 2015.

These posts represent a cross-section of cutting-edge research and deep reflection on the Person and theology of the Christian faith. They also showcase a number of existing and emerging voices breathing new life into biblical and theological studies. We trust this review of the top biblical-theological articles in 2015 will inform, encourage, and enliven your faith and studies in the coming year.

#1) Did Jesus Lie? (John 7:8) – Mondays with Mounce 275

Jesus told his brothers he wasn’t going to Jerusalem for the festival…then he…

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Now Available: Zondervan Academic Online Courses

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In the past, going to school usually required a major life change—quitting your job, moving across the country, uprooting your family, and sometimes even significant financial difficulty.

The decision to undertake theological and biblical education at a college or seminary is an important calling. Many are still called to make it.

But the reality is, for many, the difficulty of going back to school has put quality theological education out of reach.

Technology is helping to change that by making quality education more accessible and more affordable than ever before.

As schools have moved some courses online, they have urged us to provide quality resources for them. Out of these conversations, we have begun to develop online courses.

But the courses we are developing are not just for schools. They are for everyone.

With the launch of Zondervan Academic…

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2 Reasons Why We Need a New Conversation About Homosexuality

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9780310519652Has Christ’s Church handled the question of homosexuality with Christlike love? Are we sure we’ve understood what Scripture really says about same-sex relations?

Preston Sprinkle weaves together these two questions in a new book, appropriately titled People to Be Loved: Why Homosexuality Is Not Just an Issue. With rhetorical deftness, pastoral sensitivity, and theological depth, he offers Christians from across the spectrum an honest, engaging, surprising look at the Zeitgeist’s most important existential topic.

“Studying the issue of homosexuality is not enough,” writes Sprinkle. “We need to listen to gay and lesbian people…Homosexuality is about people. At the same time I want to be ruthlessly biblical about how we formulate our thoughts about homosexuality.” (19, 21)

Defying simple, thin answers to complex, thick questions,…

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Top 10 Biblical Studies Books Your SBL, ETS Book Bag Will Crave

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Yes, the marathons of presentations, plenary sessions, lectures, meetings, and receptions known as AAR/SBL and ETS are upon us. But don’t fret. We’re here to help make your time as enjoyably and productive as possible by charting a course for your book-buying adventure. After all, that is the main attraction, isn’t it?

Below are the top biblical studies resources your book bag will crave this season, and for which your carry-on will probably resent you. They represent the latest, cutting edge research and scholarship in Greek and Hebrew, books of the Bible, and biblical theology—including the celebrated landmark NIV Zondervan Study Bible.

Do yourself—and your trusty book bag friend—a favor: print this list, take it with you, and stock up to your heart’s content!

Ruth (ZECOT)

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eBook Sale: NIV Application Commentaries Just $4.99

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Discover the Bible through this commentary series that helps with both halves of the interpretive task – bringing an ancient message into a modern context – explaining not only what the Bible meant but also how it can speak powerfully today.

All NIV Application Commentary Volumes are Just $4.99

For the first time we have combined the eBooks into bundles.

Save even more by getting these bundles that make it easier (and cheaper) than ever to complete your collection!

NIVAC Bundle Pentateuch | Sale: $17.99 (value: $89.99) Historical Books | Sale: $24.99 (value: $113.99) Wisdom Books | Sale: $17.99 (value: $83.99) Major Prophets | Sale: $17.99 (value: $65.99) Minor Prophets | Sale: $17.99 (value: $57.99) Gospels, Acts | Sale: $19.99 (value: $100.99) Pauline Epistles | Sale: $34.99 (value: $112.99)…

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How to Study the Bible More Completely & Worship More Deeply

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Devotions on the Hebrew Bible by Lee Fields and Milton Eng

“Bible study isn’t complete until it results in worship.”

So insists Lee Fields, a regular contributor to this space and the co-author of a new linguistic-devotional resource along with Milton Eng, Devotions on the Hebrew Bible.

Before this book I’m not sure I would have considered studying the biblical languages a devotional exercise! Yet I appreciate Fields’s point: unless our study of Scripture leads us to worship the God who authored it in full-hearted, full-throated worship our study is incomplete.

The Biblical languages provide a footbridge between complete study and deep worship, which is the two-fold aim of this book:

To encourage students and pastors to continue (or to resume!) using their Hebrew knowledge in their work;…

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Coming Soon: Online Courses from Zondervan Academic

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Online Courses

UPDATE: Zondervan Academic Online Courses are now available. Get the story here.

Have you heard the news? Zondervan Academic and BibleMesh are partnering to offer online courses that help schools and instructors do what they do best.

In a few weeks, we’ll announce all the details.

To be one of the first to be notified, sign up here.


How it works

If you’re looking for ways to start or improve the online program at your school, then Zondervan Academic Online Courses can help.

Here’s how:

Begin a new program. If your school doesn’t yet offer online courses, then Zondervan Academic can help you get started. Supplement your existing program. Even if you already offer online courses, Zondervan Academic can help you round out the classes your students can take. Use in your residential program. New courses from…

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Finally, A Commentary by South Asian Scholars for South Asian Readers

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South Asia Bible CommentarySeveral years ago an American friend worked with pastors in Ukraine, offering ministry encouragement and strategic insights. At his first meeting he was greeted by a baseball diamond diagram popularized by an American book helping churches supercharge their ministry. They were using it to help guide their Eastern European churches.

He thought the baseball analogy was contextually out of place. Instead of importing American ministry strategies, he encouraged these leaders to create contextual ones for their indigenous ministries.

The same could be said for Bible commentaries.

Biblical insights from Western commentaries can be helpful elsewhere. Yet non-Western churches need resources to explain the Bible, relate its meaning to specific contexts, and apply Scripture to their life and ministry. Now we have such a resource for South Asia.

The new South…

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Biblical Hebrew Award Winners, 2014-2015. Plus an Invitation to Instructors

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Dead Sea Scroll - Isaiah Scroll


Did you know Zondervan Academic partners with colleges, universities, and seminaries to recognize students for outstanding achievement in the study of biblical Hebrew?

To find out how your school can participate in the Zondervan Biblical Hebrew Award program, please contact Joshua Kessler (

And please join us in congratulating the 2014-2015 winners.

Biblical Hebrew Award Winners, 2014-2015

Asbury Theological Seminary – David Nonnenmacher Asbury Theological Seminary – Orlando Campus – Sarah Wise Baptist Bible Seminary – Stuart Green Bethel College – Jonathan Nicoletti Brite Divinity School – Kate Hogue Calvary Bible College, Kansas City, MO – Julia Lloyd Calvary Chapel Bible College – Dorinda Thompson and Jesse Corey Carolina Evangelical Divinity School – Bill Goans Carson-Newman College – Zachary Ballard, Mitchell Benjamin and Robert Stidham Central Baptist Theological Seminary of Minneapolis – Aaron Geise Central Christian College of the…

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Misguided Convictions about Daniel – Spotlight on WBC: Daniel, $9.99 for a Limited Time

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Com_Meme_5 Dan

Did you know that for a short time, all Word Biblical Commentary volumes are on sale at Logos, Accordance, Olive Tree, and WORDsearch?

This includes John E. Goldingay’s classic volume on the Book of Daniel. Read an excerpt from Daniel below, and then buy it now to save about 70% off the original price!

Just act fast, because this sale ends soon. Find WBC: Daniel and other volumes on sale here:

Browse at Logos

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Misguided Convictions about Daniel – From WBC: Daniel by John E. Goldingay

What assumptions should we bring to [Daniel] regarding the nature of the stories and the origin of the visions? Critical scholarship has sometimes overtly, sometimes covertly approached the visions with the a priori conviction that they cannot be…

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The Avalanche of Sin – Spotlight on WBC: Genesis, $9.99 Each for a Limited Time

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Com_Meme_6 Gen

Did you know that for a short time, all Word Biblical Commentary volumes are on sale at Logos, Accordance, Olive Tree, and WORDsearch?

This includes Gordon J. Wenham’s classic volumes on Genesis. Read an excerpt from Genesis 1-15 below, and then buy it now to save roughly 70% off the original price!

Just act fast, because this sale ends soon. Find WBC: Genesis 1-15 and other volumes on sale here:

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The Avalanche of Sin – From WBC: Genesis, 1-15 by Gordon J. Wenham

The ancient [Near Eastern] background to Gen 1—11 shows it to be concerned with rather different issues from those that tend to preoccupy modern readers. It is affirming the unity of God in the face of polytheism,…

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