Academic eBook SALE 2015: Discounts on New and Classic Texts

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Academic eBook Sale 2015

The Zondervan Academic eBook Sale is now live. You’ll find deals on over a dozen new releases:

See the Deals

These include discounts on:

The Holy Spirit by Christopher R. J. Holmes Faith Alone by Thomas Schreiner Locating Atonement edited by Oliver D. Crisp and Fred Sanders A Reader’s Greek New Testament, 3rd Edition, Richard Goodrich and Albert Lukaszewski Awakening the Evangelical Mind by Owen Strachan Advances in the Study of Greek by Constantine Campbell Much more

Zondervan Academic eBook Sale

You’ll also find discounts on some classic texts, such as Wayne Grudem’s Bible Doctrine and Christopher J. H. Wright’s The Mission of God’s People.

Don’t delay, because this sale disappears Nov. 24, 2015.

View the Sale

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Celebrating Reformation week, we are excited to offer a 2-day flash sale:

Systematic Theology & Historical Theology eBook FLASH SALE

You can take advantage of special pricing in two ways:




For the first time, we’ve collected together Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem, one of the best-selling systematic theology books of all time, and Historical Theology by Gregg R. Allison, a companion text to Systematic Theology that explores the history of each major Christian doctrine. Save 80% on the bundle!



Individual BooksINDIVIDUAL EBOOKS | $7.99 EACH

Systematic Theology and Historical Theology eBooks will also be on sale individually for $7.99 each. You’d save 77% and 74%, respectively.



Shop now!…

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eBook Sale on Genesis: History, Fiction, or Neither? Plus Other Counterpoints

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Did you know every eBook in the Counterpoints series is available for just $4.99 until 9/13/15?

This sale includes the newest additions to the series, Genesis: History, Fiction, or Neither? Read a selection below that frames three views on understanding the Bible’s first chapters. Genesis deserves thoughtful interpretation because, as General Editor Charles Halton writes, “Reading Genesis is like traveling from downtown Dublin to rural Angola.”

9780310514947 Genesis: History, Fiction, or Neither? | Charles Halton, General Editor

Discover three predominant ways to interpret Genesis’ genre, and the implications for our biblical understanding. The contributors and views include: James K. Hoffmeier: Theological History Gordon J. Wenham: Proto-History Kenton L. Sparks: Ancient Historiography

Click here for links and details. Act now! The sale prices are valid through Sunday, September 13th.




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SALE on Counterpoints eBooks: Each Just $4.99

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Counterpoints Twitter

For just this week we are excited to offer an eBook sale on every volume in the Counterpoints series!

The Counterpoints series is indispensable for understanding different views on Christianity’s vital issues. The series covers diverse topics in the areas of theology, biblical studies, and church life including volumes on the Trinity, the historical Adam, hell, biblical inerrancy, baptism, the rapture, women in ministry, eternal security, and much more.

These volumes feature contributions from some of today’s most respected scholars and theologians including Michael F. Bird, Wayne A. Grudem, Michael Horton, Craig S. Keener, Tremper Longman III, Douglas J. Moo, Thomas R. Schreiner, Kevin J. Vanhoozer, and many more.

This sale includes the newest additions to the series:

9780310514947 Genesis: History, Fiction, or Neither? | Edited by Charles…

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Dive Into the Bible eBook Sale

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Dive Into the Bible

For the next two days, we are hosting the Dive into the Bible eBook Sale. Interpreting the Bible is hands-on work. The eBooks selected for this sale give you practical tools for understanding the Bible’s deep meaning. They will help you discover Scripture’s original message, and what Scripture means for life today.

From July 13-15th, 2015 take advantage of discounted prices on high caliber interpretive resources including:

Grasping God's WordGrasping God’s Word | J. Scott Duvall and J. Daniel Hays

Original $31.99 | Sale $9.99 (That’s 69% off)

Buy it Today:


Barnes & Noble



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NIVAC Software Super Sale — Just $7.99 for Each NIV Application Commentary

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Sale on NIV Application Commentaries

UPDATE: We re-launched this sale for January 1-14, 2016. Starting on January 1, learn more here.

We have good news: Each NIV Application Commentary is just $7.99!

For a brief time all 42 NIVAC volumes are just 8 dollars apiece at the online stores of Logos, Accordance, WORDsearch, and Olive Tree. That means you save an average of 65% off the original price.

Act fast, because this sale ends May 9, 2015! Here are the deals:

Buy from Logos

Buy from Accordance

Buy from Olive Tree

Buy from WORDsearch

Learn from word-class scholars with NIVAC commentaries:

John H. Walton on Genesis and Job Scot McKnight on Galatians and 1 Peter Tremper Longman III on Daniel Darrell Bock on Luke Daniel I. Block on Deuteronomy Craig L. Blomberg on 1 Corinthians…

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Limited-Time Sale: Every NIVAC eBook Just $4.99

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Yes, you read that right: Every single NIV Application Commentary eBook is just $4.99 apiece — which makes this the perfect time to add to or complete your collection here.

There’s more: Now for the first time every NIVAC book in print is also available in eBook format! These five titles have just become available: Exodus1 & 2 Samuel, Psalms vol. 1, Proverbs, and 2 Corinthians.

Also, some of our readers may remember that our earliest NIVAC volumes had a very basic tables of content. Here’s more good news: we’ve updated the older volumes to feature the newer, more helpful tables of contents. The new format looks like this:


If you’ve been looking for a resource to show you how to bring the ancient message of Scripture into our…

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