Frequently Asked Questions

Zondervan Academic Online Courses were designed to enhance your school's traditional and online education programs.

How many courses are available?

Seven courses are available today, with dozens more coming in 2016.

Here are the courses available today:

  • Basics of Biblical Greek (2 courses), taught by William D. Mounce
  • Basics of Biblical Hebrew (2 courses), taught by Miles Van Pelt and Gary D. Pratico
  • New Testament Survey, taught by Robert H. Gundry
  • Old Testament Survey, taught by Andrew E. Hill and John H. Walton
  • Biblical Interpretation, taught by J. Scott Duvall and J. Daniel Hays

My school already has an online program. Can we offer Zondervan Academic Online Courses as well?

Yes. Zondervan Academic Online Courses are non-exclusive. If you’re already using online courses from someone else, or you’ve developed your own courses, you can add Zondervan Academic Online Courses to your program.

My school offers traditional residential degrees. Can we offer Zondervan Academic Online Courses as part of our program?

Yes. Zondervan Academic Online Courses can be used in traditional residential programs, or as part of hybrid programs and flipped classrooms.

Are Zondervan Academic Online Courses accredited?

For each course, we can provide you with Student Learning Outcomes, time requirements, syllabus/curriculum materials, and other metrics you’ll need to meet standard accreditation criteria.

Depending on which tier you choose, you’ll also be able to add assignments and customize each course to meet any unique requirements.

Are the online courses from Zondervan Academic high quality?

Yes. Courses are professionally filmed with an online experience in mind. The entire course experience is crafted by an expert team of instructional designers. 

We’ve also partnered with BibleMesh, a long-time producer of online courses for biblical and theological study, and Cerego, the leading developer of advanced learning technology—and the recent recipient of a $5 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

Zondervan Academic Online Courses also feature a world-class lineup of course instructors. They’re not only the very best scholars in their fields, but they come with years of experience teaching courses in class and online.

I’m a professor teaching an online course from Zondervan Academic. What’s the experience like?

We’ve built our classes from the ground up with the needs of professors in mind. When you use an online course from Zondervan, you can:

  • Access a classroom dashboard and other features to help you monitor student progress
  • Add custom content to a course
  • Communicate with your class from within the course platform
  • Upload your own assignments
  • Access training materials on online pedagogy and methodology, as well as technical training (coming soon!)
  • Take advantage of LMS integration for your school
  • Get free tech support
  • Lots more!

What’s the learning experience like for students?

We’ve built our classes with the needs of students in mind, too. 

  • Students are able to access a dashboard to track the status of all their courses.
  • Each course is divided into units, which are determined by the course content.
  • Each unit is divided into sections that give an overview, provide tips for study, help students review the material, and assess their knowledge.

What LMS integrate with Zondervan Academic Online Courses?

Zondervan Academic Online Courses integrate with major instructional LMS, including Blackboard, Moodle, and Canvas.

You’re using the Cerego learning engine in your courses. What is Cerego?

Cerego is an organization working at the cutting edge of technology and education. They recently received a $5 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for their efforts to build tools to enhance the learning experience and increase accessibility to high-quality education.

You’re partnering with BibleMesh to produce the courses. What is BibleMesh?

BibleMesh is an organization which brings several years of experience in developing online courses for biblical and theological study. They have partnered with colleges, seminaries, and numerous ministries to provide a rich learning experience in an online environment.

What software is required to run Zondervan Academic Online Courses?

Zondervan Academic Online Courses is an online platform. You don’t need to worry about downloading anything, and you can use it on any device with internet access: your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Still have more questions?

Ask us! Leave your contact info with Kent Hendricks, our Marketing Director for Online Learning, and he’ll be in touch to answer any questions you have about getting started. Request more information.