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The Heart of Love

Obeying God's Two Great Commandments Ted Rivera

Ideas for Parents

A Collection of Tips, Insights, and Activities for Real-World Parenting Mark Matlock Christopher Lyon

Coaching Life-Changing Small Group Leaders

A Comprehensive Guide for Developing Leaders of Groups and Teams Bill Donahue Greg Bowman

Leading Life-Changing Small Groups

Bill Donahue

Building a Life-Changing Small Group Ministry

A Strategic Guide for Leading Group Life in Your Church Bill Donahue Russ G. Robinson

Is there a Doctor in the House?

An Insider’s Story and Advice on becoming a Bible Scholar Ben Witherington III

The College Adventure Handbook

The Ultimate Guide for Surviving College, Building a Strong Faith, and Getting a Hot Date Rob Stennett Joe P Kirkendall

The Christ Files Video Study

A Search for the Real Jesus John Dickson

College Ministry from Scratch

A Practical Guide to Start and Sustain a Successful College Ministry Chuck Bomar

Real World Parents

Christian Parenting for Families Living in the Real World Mark Matlock

Middle School Ministry

A Comprehensive Guide to Working with Early Adolescents Mark Oestreicher Scott Rubin

College Ministry 101

A Guide to Working with 18-25 Year Olds Chuck Bomar

The Divine Commodity

Discovering a Faith Beyond Consumer Christianity Skye Jethani

Should We Use Someone Else’s Sermon?

Preaching in a Cut-and-Paste World Scott M. Gibson

The Bible and the University

Everything You Want to Know about Jesus

Well … Maybe Not Everything but Enough to Get You Started Peter Douglas Downey Ben James Shaw

The Hidden Power of Electronic Culture

How Media Shapes Faith, the Gospel, and Church Shane Hipps Foreword by Brian McLaren

Walking the Small Group Tightrope

Meeting the Challenges Every Group Faces Bill Donahue Russ G. Robinson

Serving as a Church Greeter

Paul E. Engle Zondervan

Methodical Bible Study

Robert A. Traina

Effective Men’s Ministry

The Indispensable Toolkit for Your Church Phil Downer Patrick Morley, Author of The Man in the Mirror Zondervan

Teaching Like Jesus

A Practical Guide to Christian Education in Your Church La Verne Tolbert

Videos That Teach

Teachable Movie Moments from 75 Modern Film Classics Doug Fields Eddie James

Help! I’m a Sunday School Teacher

50 Ways to Make Sunday School Come Alive Ray Johnston