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The Emotionally Healthy Church, Expanded Edition

A Strategy for Discipleship That Actually Changes Lives

Breakout Churches

Discover How to Make the Leap Thom S. Rainer

Thriving through Ministry Conflict

A Parable on How Resistance Can Be Your Ally James P. Osterhaus Joseph M. Jurkowski Todd A. Hahn


Real Relationships in a World of Isolation Jonathan McKee

Growing the Church in the Power of the Holy Spirit

Seven Principles of Dynamic Cooperation Brad Long Paul K. Stokes Cindy Strickler

A Multi-Site Church Roadtrip

Exploring the New Normal Geoff Surratt Greg Ligon Warren Bird


Starting a Church Revolution through Serving Dino Rizzo Craig Groeschel

Ten Stupid Things That Keep Churches from Growing

How Leaders Can Overcome Costly Mistakes Geoff Surratt

The Divine Commodity

Discovering a Faith Beyond Consumer Christianity Skye Jethani

What Pastors Wish Church Members Knew

Helping People Understand and Appreciate Their Leaders Denise George

Deliberate Simplicity

How the Church Does More by Doing Less Dave Browning

The Monkey and the Fish

Liquid Leadership for a Third-Culture Church Dave Gibbons J. J. Brazil, Pulitzer Prize Winner

Sticky Church

Larry Osborne


How Churches and Leaders Can Get It and Keep It

Hope and Healing for Kids Who Cut

Learning to Understand and Help Those Who Self-Injure Marv Penner

The American Church in Crisis

Groundbreaking Research Based on a National Database of over 200,000 Churches

The Multiplying Church

The New Math for Starting New Churches Bob Roberts Jr. Alan Hirsch and Ed Stetzer

Understanding Four Views on the Lord’s Supper

John H. Armstrong Paul E. Engle Russell D. Moore John Hesselink David Scaer Thomas Baima Zondervan

Making Vision Stick

Andy Stanley

No Perfect People Allowed

Creating a Come-as-You-Are Culture in the Church John Burke

Counseling for Seemingly Impossible Problems

A Biblical Perspective Lee N. June Sabrina Black Willie Richardson Zondervan

They Like Jesus but Not the Church

Insights from Emerging Generations Dan Kimball

Understanding Four Views on Baptism

John H. Armstrong Paul E. Engle John Castelein Robert Kolb Thomas J. Nettles Richard Pratt Jr. Zondervan

The Multi-Site Church Revolution

Being One Church in Many Locations Geoff Surratt Greg Ligon Warren Bird Erwin McManus