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Sustainable Faith in a Radical, Restless World Michael Horton

Forgive Us

Confessions of a Compromised Faith Mae Elise Cannon Lisa Sharon Harper Troy Jackson Soong-Chan Rah

Jesus, Justice, and Gender Roles

A Case for Gender Roles in Ministry Kathy Keller


Finding Freedom through the Intoxicating Joy of Irresistible Grace Daniel Montgomery Timothy Paul Jones


Enjoying God's Gift of Music Mark Beuving

Four Views on the Historical Adam

Matthew Barrett Ardel Caneday C. John Collins William D. Barrick Gregory A. Boyd Philip G. Ryken Denis Lamoureux John H. Walton Stanley N. Gundry

Five Views on Biblical Inerrancy

R. Albert Mohler, Jr. Peter E. Enns Michael F. Bird Kevin J. Vanhoozer John R. Franke James R.A. Merrick Stephen M. Garrett Stanley N. Gundry

Christians in an Age of Wealth

A Biblical Theology of Stewardship Craig L. Blomberg Jonathan Lunde

Evangelical Theology

A Biblical and Systematic Introduction Michael F. Bird

Four Views on the Role of Works at the Final Judgment

Robert N. Wilkin Thomas R. Schreiner James D. G. Dunn Michael P. Barber Alan P. Stanley Stanley N. Gundry

Reclaiming Love

Radical Relationships in a Complex World Ajith Fernando Ravi Zacharias

Bound Together

How We Are Tied to Others in Good and Bad Choices Chris Brauns

Introduction to Messianic Judaism

Its Ecclesial Context and Biblical Foundations David J. Rudolph Joel Willitts

Pilgrim Theology

Core Doctrines for Christian Disciples Michael Horton

God, Where Are You?

Benjamin Kisoni

African Christian Theology

Samuel Waje Kunhiyop

Paul and Union with Christ

An Exegetical and Theological Study Constantine R. Campbell

Four Views on the Apostle Paul

Michael F. Bird Stanley N. Gundry Thomas R. Schreiner Luke Timothy Johnson Douglas A. Campbell Mark D. Nanos

Four Views on Christian Spirituality

Bruce A. Demarest Brad Nassif Scott Hahn Joe Driskill Evan Howard

The Trinity of Sin

Yusufu Turaki

An A-to-Z Guide to Biblical Prophecy and the End Times

J. Daniel Hays J. Scott Duvall C. Marvin Pate

Beyond Integrity

A Judeo-Christian Approach to Business Ethics Scott Rae Kenman L. Wong

Against Calvinism

Roger E. Olson

For Calvinism

Michael Horton