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Economic Empowerment Through the Church

A Blueprint for Progressive Community Development
Gregory J. Reed
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The Kingdom of God is not only spiritual -- it is intensely practical. The church today must move beyond its traditional role if it is to truly fulfill its mission. It can no longer respond only to spiritual needs and speak only to people's hearts. The church is called to be a force for change in the world, especially where the needs are greatest: the inner-city neighborhoods where crime, violence, and unemployment are the order of the day. Economic Empowerment Through the Church is a practical book that shows churches how to become a force for revitalization in their community by means of "economic empowerment"-- by becoming involved in the everyday, economic life of their communities. It shows churches how to structure themselves, how to avoid tax problems, what businesses they can operate without jeopardizing their tax-exempt status, and step-by-step guidelines for implementing ancillary operations such as real estate, day care centers, drug abuse rehabilitation centers, housing projects, and others. The book includes checklists that help churches avoid missing crucial steps, as well as sample documents and forms.

About the Author

Gregory J. Reed is a prominent attorney, the author of sixteen books including various bestsellers, a NAACP Image multi-winner, and recipient of the American Book Award.


''Economic Empowerment Through the Church' is a wonderful and thorough tool for African-American churches in the United States. It contains invaluable information that will indeed empower those churches that find themselves in the forefront of economic development in their communities and churches wanting to help save their communities through economic redevelopment. It is a 'must-read' for those who are serious about [going beyond] the pulpit to do one of the most important ministries around...that of economic salvation and empowerment.' -- Lloyd Gite

'I consider 'Economic Empowerment Through the Church' a bible of economic empowerment that will transform the lives of Americans in the 21st century. It is the best how-to manual regarding economic power for the church that I have read.' -- Rev. James Holley

'In this timely and pioneering work, Attorney Greg Reed has provided the nuts and bolts of the legal information that will enable every congregation to lay a sure foundation for its redemptive ministry to the community. Because of his work, no congregation ever need wonder again about perplexing legal questions relative to its ministry or its community service mission. Mr. Reed has extended a service of high value for all Christian churches.' -- Rev. James C. Perkins, Pastor

''Economic Empowerment Through the Church' has my endorsement and highest recommendation as a forward-thinking treatise as well as a road map on how to implement various programs to address the many needs of the community through the church.' -- Bishop P. A. Brooks, National General Board

''Economic Empowerment Through the Church' is an inspiration as it provides the church with the infrastructure with which to transform human lives through step-by-step guides. When followed, these measures will lead the church to economic empowerment to rebuild the communities to which they minister. I believe that if the churches were to take advantage of only a fraction of the information contained in [this] book, they would find themselves even with, or ahead of, the 'economic empowerment' game.' -- Ray K. Schull, Executive Vice-President

'The church has historically played a major role in the economic empowerment of congregations, neighborhoods, and communities. The fact that some congregations have not been as proactive as others in this area is attributable, at least in part, to the absence of a guide or road map detailing the intricacies of economic and community development. Gregory Reed's 'Economic Empowerment Through the Church' makes great strides toward filling this void by providing local pastors and their boards with an exhaustive guide book on fiscal management and empowerment. We thank Mr. Reed for his diligence and his thorough approach; we recommend this resource to all who seek to empower communities through the church' -- Rev. Michael Lemmons, Executive Director

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  • Page Count: 224
  • Format: Softcover
  • ISBN: 9780310489511
  • Release: June 21, 1994
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