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How Followers of Jesus Engage a Flat World
Bob Roberts Jr.
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If you want to know where and how the church is going to grow, think local and global. Think glocal. Glocal is Bob Roberts’ term for the seamless connectedness between the local and global. That connection is affecting the church in ways that never could have been imagined in the first-century church, or even the twentieth-century church. And it’s creating unprecedented opportunities for individuals and churches—for you and your church—to live out their faith in real time across the world. Glocalization offers a vision of the unprecedented changes of our times and how they are impacting the church. Discover how these changes will transform the way churches define their mission and how Christians relate to one another and to the world. This provocative book turns the traditional mission-agency model upside down and shows how transformed people and churches can make a glocal (global and local) impact. Glocalization offers an exciting vision for churches and individuals who want to reach this changing world for Christ.

About the Author

Bob Roberts Jr. is the founding pastor of NorthWood Church in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, and has been involved in the planting of a hundred congregations in the United States. Bob also works in Australia, Asia, Afghanistan, Mexico, and Nepal helping with church planting and development and global engagement. Bob is a graduate of Baylor University (BA), Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Mdiv), and Fuller Seminary (D.Min.) with an emphasis in church planting. He and his wife have two children.


I’ve read every word of this amazing book – I’ve visited the Northwood Church that Bob Roberts pastors – it really is ‘global’ –an ‘Antioch’ congregation with ‘fruit that remain’ in abundance – both globally and locally – I commend to you my friend, the author –and urge you to read this book. It’s especially for 21st century, cutting edge, strategic, and truly visionary leaders. – Loren Cunningham

To engage in global or local ministry today we must understand the globalized world we live in. As well as any Christian leader today, Bob Roberts has his finger on the global systems and the local cultures that make up our ‘glocalized’ world. Drawing deeply from his global experience and from a wide range of Scriptures, writers, historians, futurists, social scientists, and theologians, Bob introduces us to the glocal realities and leadership imperatives that must inform and shape ministry today—if we want to make an impact for the kingdom. – Eric Swanson

Bob Roberts gives us desperately-needed new language and new behavior for prosecuting a missional agenda in a new world. He does this from a practitioner point of view. This book has cooked in him. I’m just glad he took the time to get it out for us. Use this book to provoke and frame conversations about your church’s future and your own. – Reggie McNeal

This is a gem of a book. Bob Roberts brings a missional heart and mind to an array of pressing global agendas with more imagination and with greater biblical understanding than almost anyone of his time. – Leonard Sweet

In Glocalization, Bob Roberts takes us on a journey to discover our own mission and the mission of the church. He has mixed wisdom and experience with his encouraging stories of people and places he has encountered. This book will challenge both Christian leaders and laity alike to change the way they think about church. Bob’s passion for the Kingdom is unmatched, and in this book you will begin to see the purpose of the Church from a different perspective. Bob’s passion is that we must become catalysts for worldwide impact. This book will challenge and provoke you—and most of all it will make you think. – Ed Stetzer, , Author

Bob Roberts is a pastor who walks the talk. His stories of travels around the world are captivating, his ‘waypoints’ to seeing a new world are thought-provoking, and his commitment to serving Christ by serving others is inspiring. This book will lead all of us to better follow Jesus by engaging our faith with our society and the world. – Jim Wallis, , Author

Bob Roberts is larger than life, no doubt. But that isn’t what draws me to him. More than any other pastor that I know, Bob has a sincere heart to bring the kingdom of God to the lost people of this world. Bob doesn’t just write about this stuff, he lives it, and with great passion. This book reflects the real world experience which he brings to light in his search to transform neighborhoods and nations with the kingdom of God. – Neil Cole, , Director

In the tradition of Matthew 23:23, Bob Roberts prophetically challenges us to live ‘justice, mercy, and faithfulness’ in a tangible way. By reminding us that Jesus issued the Great Commandment before He gave the Great Commission, Bob adroitly addresses the ‘self-centered evangelism’ of North America with practical principles for loving our neighbor at home and abroad. In refreshing fashion, Bob takes us back to the kingdom theology—and resulting holistic engagement model—of our risen and sovereign King; a King who is already at work in every dimension of life and society, a King who radically asks but one thing: obedience. If you want a feel-good book that teaches you God’s will for your life according to your circumstances, well, this isn’t the book. If you’re tired of asking ‘What would Jesus do?’ however, and want to know what Jesus is doing, then read about Bob’s encounters with the One who invented globalization. Aslan is on the move…if you want to take the risk of catching up with him—if you want to see his face, no matter your vocation—then you have to read this book. – Chris Seiple, , President

I believe that God will use Glocalization in a powerful way to bring his message to the world. – Al Weiss, , President

Roberts has captured the essence of everyday ministry for every one of us: Christian, Jew, Muslim, Native, Buddhist, Hindu, and Zoroasterian. He is Being the Torah, as we Jews would say. He is love in action, doing it and then showing us how. This is leadership. – Ronald A. Heifetz, , Professor

Bob Roberts is way out front of a movement to connect local churches to their peers across the world. This is an exciting idea. Roberts is an exciting leader – worth reading. – Bob Buford, , Founder

Bob is a wild and thoroughly compelling apostle-prophet to this generation. His words and actions remind us that the Kingdom of God transcends locality, tribe, and nationality, and that the local church can fulfill its real purpose only if it has the whole world in view and the Kingdom of God as its driving agenda. This book will go a long way to help the 21st Century church to comprehend what it really means to think global but act local as well as to act global and think local. – Alan Hirsch, , Founder and Director

In Glocalization, Bob Roberts has done for the church what Friedman has done for the corporate world is his book, The World is Flat. Bob helps us to understand that in the new church environment, the issues are really focused around every person fulfilling his/her Kingdom role. In this way we will see genuine societal transformation, enabling ‘the kingdoms of this world become the Kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ!’ Changing the world, local and global (Glocal), has a cost. The chapter on Death and Martyrdom would alone make this book worth reading. When we learn to choose to take up our cross, we will begin to see the power of God in the Western world comparable to the power of God that is already having such an impact in the developing world. – Tony Dale, , Founder and President

Bob Roberts is a Kingdom explorer and this book gives us a birds eye view into what he is learning about the new glocalized (flat) world. Like the explorers of the 18th century who said there were riches beyond the edge of the map. Bob is showing church leaders how to think beyond our dated charts and navigate ‘new new world’ for the sake of the Kingdom. This book will help every pastor and church leader who is not afraid to face the horizon and accept the challenge of helping a global people see a global God. – Nelson Searcy, , Lead Pastor

There is no doubt that God has given Bob Roberts a fresh, unique insight into understanding the world that we live in and how to touch it for the Kingdom of God. For those who are serious about truly reaching a ‘flat world’ for Christ this is a must read. – Brian Bloye, , Lead Pastor

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  • Release: February 11, 2007
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