Utilize your Bible software more effectively with these handy exegesis companions.

The Bible Software Users Companion Pack will help you more effectively utilize your Bible software by giving valuable insight into the exegetical significance of Hebrew and Greek grammatical terms you encounter when using your Bible software, giving you a deeper understanding of the biblical text.

The Bible Software Users Companion Pack includes The Biblical Hebrew Companion for Bible Software Users by Michael Williams and The Biblical Greek Companion for Bible Software Users by Mark L. Strauss.

These exegesis companions are ideally suited for:

  • Bible software users who never formally learned Hebrew or Greek in the classroom and need help understanding the meaning of the terms they encounter
  • Pastors and ministry leaders who may have learned Hebrew or Greek at one time but have experienced the loss of much of that learning
  • College and seminary students who are learning Hebrew or Greek and need a guide to help understand the significance of the grammatical terminology

With grammatical terms laid out and discussed in an intuitive and user-friendly format, readers can now spend time focusing on exegesis and applying their findings to their preaching, teaching, study, and writing instead of puzzling over the significance of grammatical terminology and how to apply it.

About the Authors

Michael Williams (PhD, University of Pennsylvania) is Senior Professor of Old Testament at Calvin Theological Seminary, a member of the NIV Committee on Bible Translation and the Chairman of the NIrV Committee. He is the author of Deception in Genesis, The Prophet and His Message, Basics of Ancient Ugaritic, The Biblical Hebrew Companion for Bible Software Users, How to Read the Bible through the Jesus Lens, and editor and contributor of Mishneh Todah. His passion is to equip students with knowledge of the Old Testament and its languages so that they may grow in their comprehension and appreciation of redemptive history and be adequately prepared to promote and defend the faith through word and action. Michael resides in Grand Rapids, MI, with his wife, Dawn.

Mark Strauss (PhD, Aberdeen) is professor of New Testament at Bethel Seminary in San Diego. He has written The Davidic Messiah in Luke-Acts; Distorting Scripture?: The Challenge of Bible Translation and Gender Accuracy; Luke in the Zondervan Illustrated Bible Background Commentary series; and Mark in the Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament.

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