Los Angeles Theology Conference 2023

“Confessing the Church”

LATC 2023: Confessing the Church

March 15-17, 2023 at Biola University, La Mirada, CA

The 2023 Los Angeles Theology Conference will engage ecclesiology, that is, the doctrine about the Church. The goal of the conference is to offer constructive proposals for understanding and confessing the doctrine of the Church with historical depth, ecumenical scope, and analytic clarity. We are inviting theologians (philosophical, biblical, historical, and otherwise) to address this vital Christian doctrine.

Plenary Speakers

Natalie Carnes

Baylor University

“Nature, Culture, Church: Reconsidering the Church-World Divide”

    Millard J. Erickson

    Independent scholar

    “Ecclesiology in a Postmodern Age”

    Tom Greggs

    University of Aberdeen

    “Creatura Verbi: Hearing the Living Word through the Spirit in the Church”

    Jennifer Powell McNutt

    Wheaton College

    “Exilic Ecclesiology: Suffering and Apostolicity in Early Modern Reformed Theology”

    Paul T. Nimmo

    University of Aberdeen

    “The Sanctification of the Church: Contemplating the Progress of the People of God”

    Breakout Papers

    Kimlyn J. Bender, George W. Truett Theological Seminary
    “Confessing Christ, Confessing the Church”

    Beau Branson, Brescia University
    Jordan Wessling, Lindsey Wilson College
    “The Church as a Singular, Persisting Institution”

    Joshua Cockayne, University of St. Andrews
    D. T. Everhart, University of St. Andrews
    “‘Members of One Another’: Towards a Kierkegaardian Ecclesiology”

    Stephen T. Davis, Claremont McKenna College
    Eric T. Yang, Santa Clara University
    “God’s Story and the Sameness of the Church Over Time”

    Steven Duby, Phoenix Seminary
    “‘Bond of Peace’: Ecclesial Unity as Participation in the Son and Spirit”

    Daniel L. Hill, Dallas Theological Seminary
    “Bound Together in the Holy Fire: Purgation and the Unity and Holiness of the Church”

    Jonathan Hill, University of Exeter
    “Communion of Saints: Knowledge and Love in Heaven and Earth”

    Alex Irving, St. Mellitus College, East Midlands
    “The Body of Christ: A Soteriological Basis for the Theological Marks of the Church”

    Matt Jenson, Torrey Honors College, Biola University
    “Either/Or: On the Necessary, But Maverick, Distinction between Church and World”

    Adam Johnson, Torrey Honors College, Biola University
    “The Cruciform Ministry of the Church: Refracting the Saving Work of Christ”

    Marguerite Kappelhoff, University of Divinity, Melbourne
    “The Marks of the Church and the Triune God: ‘Seeking and Creating Fellowship’”

    Kimberley Kroll, Grand Canyon University
    “Holy Branches: A Constructive Model of the Spirit’s Presence in the Church”

    Steven Nemes, North Phoenix Preparatory Academy
    “The Church and Infallibility”

    Photo credit: Everett Ferguson / CC by 4.0