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The Christian Doctrine of Humanity

Explorations in Constructive Dogmatics
Zondervan (Author) , Oliver D. Crisp (Editor) , Fred Sanders (Editor)
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Engaging with the Complex Subject of Theological Anthropology.

Theological anthropology is a complicated doctrinal subject that needs to be elaborated with careful attention to its relation to other major doctrines. Among other things, it must confess the glory and misery of humanity, from creation in the image of God to the fall into a state of sin. It must reckon with a holism that spans distinctions between body, soul, and spirit, and a unity that encompasses male and female, as well as racial and cultural difference.

The Christian Doctrine of Humanity represents the proceedings of the sixth annual Los Angeles Theology Conference, which sought, constructively and comprehensively, to engage the task of theological anthropology.

The twelve diverse essays in this collection include discussions on:

  • Human thought and the image of God.
  • The relevance of biblical eschatology for philosophical anthropology.
  • Living and flourishing in the Spirit.
  • Vocation and the "oddness" of human nature.

Each of the essays collected in this volume engage with Scripture as well as with others in the field—theologians both past and present, from different confessions—in order to provide constructive resources for contemporary systematic theology and to forge a theology for the future.

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  • Page Count: 256
  • Format: Softcover
  • ISBN: 9780310595472
  • Release: November 6, 2018