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Biblical Critical Theory Chapter Summaries


Chapter 1: Trinity

Chapter 2: Creation

Chapter 3: Humanity

Chapter 4: Sin and Society

Chapter 5: Sin and Autonomy

Chapter 6: Sin, Anthropology, and Asymmetry

Chapter 7: From Lamech to Noah

Chapter 8: Babel

Chapter 9: Abraham and Promise

Chapter 10: Abraham and Covenant

Chapter 11: Moses, the Exodus, and the Torah

Chapter 12: Prophecy and Power

Chapter 13: Prophecy and Cultural Critique

Chapter 14: Wisdom Literature

Chapter 15: Incarnation, Space, and Time

Chapter 16: Incarnation, Materiality, and Personality

Chapter 17: The Ministry of Jesus, Love of God, and Love of Neighbor

Chapter 18: The Cross, Subversion, and Grace

Chapter 19: The Cross, Asymmetry, and Paradox

Chapter 20: The Resurrection, Transformation, and Power

Chapter 21: The Last Days, Church, and Society

Chapter 22: The Last Days and Parallax Living

Chapter 23: The Last Days and Giving to Caesar What Is Caesar’s

Chapter 24: The Last Days and Modernity

Chapter 25: Eschatology and Apocalyptic

Chapter 26: Eschatology and Time

Chapter 27: Eschatology and Identity

Chapter 28: Eschatology and Culture