Online courses designed for instructors who value quality

Zondervan Academic has been supporting discerning teachers with the highest-quality resources since 1931. Our online courses are no exception.

We help you improve online learning at your school, so you can reach more students more effectively.

Enjoy a superior online teaching experience

  • Trusted curriculum

    Choose from a growing library of robust online courses based on the textbooks you trust, built by subject matter experts and credentialed instructional designers.

  • Award-winning technology

    All courses incorporate the Cerego learning engine, so your students learn faster and remember longer—and you gain insight into student progress.

  • Simple implementation

    Start with one course, or build an entire program. Zondervan Academic Online Courses can be used with your existing learning tools to keep things simple and streamlined.

Get access to data that helps you teach

Integrated administrator tools show student progress, so you know exactly when students are excelling or struggling with certain material—and can offer timely encouragement and help.

Ensure better student outcomes

We’ve incorporated a next-generation learning engine by Cerego, a company specializing in developing technology to improve education by applying adaptive learning and memory science to enhance how students learn, study, and remember.

  • Faster Comprehension

    Interactive lesson content follows effective pedagogical practices with exercises and review enhanced by an award-winning learning engine.

  • Longer Retention

    Study plans are algorithmically personalized based on the latest in cognitive science to help students retain what they learn.

  • Observable Progress

    Each student’s dashboard updates every time they study, so they can see what they’ve learned—and what to review next.

Flexible pricing based on your needs

We will work with you and your school to find the right solution, whether it’s using our courses in a traditional classroom for residential students or building a robust online learning program.

Basic Access to Courses Plus Courses & Support Premium Courses, Support, & Bonus Features
Online access to all course content
Cerego Adaptive Learning System
Vocabulary memorization tools
Instructor dashboard
Free tech support
Course news and messaging
Course discussion forums
Course calendar
Course customization
Upload institution-specific assignments
Export grades
LMS student account integration (some restrictions apply)
Archive of all completed course data
55% faculty discount on all Zondervan Academic books
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • My school already has an online program. Can we offer Zondervan Academic Online Courses as well?

    Yes. Zondervan Academic Online Courses are non-exclusive. If you’re already using online courses from someone else, or you’ve developed your own courses, you can certainly add Zondervan Academic Online Courses to your program.

  • My school offers a traditional residential degree. Can we offer Zondervan Academic Online Courses as part of our program?

    Yes. Zondervan Academic Online Courses can be used in traditional residential programs, or as part of hybrid programs and flipped classrooms.

  • Are Zondervan Academic Online Courses accredited?

    For each course, we can provide you with Student Learning Outcomes, time requirements, syllabus/curriculum materials, and other metrics you’ll need to meet standard accreditation criteria.

    Depending on which tier you choose, you’ll also be able to add assignments and customize each course to meet any unique requirements.

Still have more questions?

Ask us! Leave your contact info with Kent Hendricks, our Marketing Director for Online Learning, and he’ll be in touch to answer any questions you have about getting started.

Convincing someone else?

Let us help! We created this PDF to help you introduce your friends and colleagues to Zondervan Academic Online Courses.

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