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Evangelism in a Skeptical World

How to Make the Unbelievable News About Jesus More Believable Sam Chan

People Are the Mission

How Churches Can Welcome Guests Without Compromising the Gospel Danny Franks J.D. Greear

The Underground Church

A Living Example of the Church In Its Most Potent Form Brian Sanders

Organic Outreach for Churches Video Study

Infusing Evangelistic Passion into Your Local Congregation Kevin G. Harney

Reaching the Unreached

Becoming Raiders of the Lost Art Peyton Jones Alan Hirsch

No God but One: Allah or Jesus?

A Former Muslim Investigates the Evidence for Islam and Christianity Nabeel Qureshi

The Unbelievable Gospel

Say Something Worth Believing Jonathan K. Dodson

Thinking through Paul

A Survey of His Life, Letters, and Theology Bruce W. Longenecker Todd D. Still


Biblical Foundations and Contemporary Strategies Gailyn Van Rheenen Anthony Parker


Finding Jesus by Doubting the Resurrection Jonathan K. Dodson Brad Watson

Seeker Small Groups

Engaging Spiritual Seekers in Life-Changing Discussions Garry D. Poole Bill Hybels and John Ortberg

The Best Kept Secret of Christian Mission

Promoting the Gospel with More Than Our Lips John Dickson Alister McGrath and Ravi Zacharias

Outreach and the Artist

Sharing the Gospel with the Arts Constantine R. Campbell

Organic Outreach for Families

Turning Your Home into a Lighthouse Kevin & Sherry Harney

Center Church

Doing Balanced, Gospel-Centered Ministry in Your City Timothy Keller

Just Walk Across the Room

Simple Steps Pointing People to Faith Bill Hybels

Think Christianly

Looking at the Intersection of Faith and Culture Jonathan Morrow Darrell Bock

Organic Outreach for Churches

Infusing Evangelistic Passion into Your Congregation Kevin G. Harney

The King Jesus Gospel

The Original Good News Revisited Scot McKnight N.T. Wright and Dallas Willard

Missional Youth Ministry

Moving from Gathering Teenagers to Scattering Disciples Brian Kirk Jacob Thorne

The Best Kept Secret of Christian Mission

Promoting the Gospel with More Than Our Lips John Dickson John Dickson Alister McGrath and Ravi Zacharias

Organic Outreach for Ordinary People

Sharing Good News Naturally Kevin G. Harney


A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions Gregory Koukl

The Unchurched Next Door

Understanding Faith Stages as Keys to Sharing Your Faith Thom S. Rainer