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Adam and the Cherubim

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Eden "After he drove the man out, he placed on the east side of the Garden of Eden cherubim and a flaming sword flashing back and forth to guard the way to the tree of life." - Genesis 3:24 NIV

Once Adam and Eve are exiled from Eden, they soon become lost in the mists of the ancient narrative. They play a role in the Cain and Abel story, and appear again in geneologies, but for the most part their role in the drama is done.

However, the exile from Eden was not the end of their lives, even if it was the beginning of a different sort of life, one that now marched inevitably towards death.

It leads you to wonder, what did the rest of their lives look like? What were Adam and Eve like as people, having seen what the world could be and now witnessing the brokeness of the post-fall world?

Did Adam ever try to get back into the garden? After all, the cherubim doesn't appear to be placed there just for show. It must have crossed their minds that maybe, somehow, things could once more be as they had been.

There are no details I'm suggesting we fill in, but if nothing else it's an interesting exercise in imagination. And I'd like to hear your imaginings on this topic too.

Do you think Adam ever tried to get past the Cherubim? What do you imagine life was like for Adam and Eve after the fall? 

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