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We recently sat down with Douglas Moo to talk about some challenges students face when studying Romans. Take a look at what he says.

And be sure to check out his new online course, The Book of Romans: History, Meaning, and Application.

I’ve talked to Christians over the years who say, “Oh, I’m not ready to study Romans yet, that’s too heavy for me.”

You’ve probably heard it taught maybe from the pulpit, maybe you’ve taken a Sunday school class on it. You’ve read it. You’ve studied it perhaps even in Bible study.

Romans is a book that addresses many of those fundamental worldview issues. What does it mean to be a Christian? What is the Gospel of Jesus Christ? How is it relevant to me and to my church?

I think some of the reasons we therefore struggle with a letter like Romans is because we don’t understand a larger flow of what’s going on in the letter.

Few of us have the time to read large portions of Scripture at a single time.

I think many of us read Scripture on what I might call a bit of a piecemeal pattern.

We’re digging in to chapter five to teach a Sunday school class, or in our devotions we’re on chapter 11. But we don’t know how those chapters relate to the other chapters around them.

In this course you will be getting a sense of the larger flow of the letter of Romans—how the argument works from chapter one right through to the end of chapter sixteen.

By getting a sense of what the larger picture of Romans is, you’ll be able to understand much better and more accurately the individual parts within that larger flow.

This course is one that I hope will help you come to grips with some of these fundamental issues that should be foundational to your own living as a Christian.

The point is to dig more deeply, to understand better and therefore to be able to come out as people who can live more effectively as servants of Christ.

I invite you to participate in this study of the book of Romans.

For more, sign up for Douglas Moo’s Romans online course, The Book of Romans: History, Meaning, and Application.

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