Attending ETS, AAR, or SBL in November 2016? Get Free Stuff at Zondervan’s Booth

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Are you headed to San Antonio for the 2016 annual meetings of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS), American Academy of Religion (AAR), or the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL)? Drop by our booth at the conferences, because if you spend $35 or more, you get to choose a free t-shirt or tote. Check out your 3 choices below.


Come to the Zondervan Booth…

  • ETS: Booth #200
  • AAR/SBL: Booth #220-221


…Get 1 of 3 choices

We have a limited number of each item, so don’t delay in coming to our booth! Again, just spend $35 or more and one of these is yours:

1. T-SHIRT: “Beware the man of one book” Thomas Aquinas (Attrib.)

In other words, beware narrow learning. This is a new t-shirt design based on popular favorite from last year.



2. T-SHIRT: “Fides Quarens Intellectum”

“Faith seeking understanding.” Another new t-shirt based on a popular favorite from last year. This shirt and the one above both celebrate the New Studies in Dogmatics Series. The newest contribution in this series is Fred Sander’s The Triune God, which will be available on sale at the conferences.



3. TOTE: Kierkegaard

Available at the conferences for the first time, this canvas bag bears the instantly-recognizable hair of one of the West’s most distinctive thinkers. We recommend that you learn more about Kierkegaard in Stephen Backhouse’s new work, Kierkegaard: A Single Life, also on sale at the upcoming conferences.



P.S. Know someone who’s going to the conferences and would like one of these items? Please share this post with them. Here’s a link for your convenience:  Thanks!