Basics of Verbal Aspect
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031029083X I wanted to add one final post to last's week's series on The Basics of Verbal Aspect in Biblical Greek. Listed below are a number of links to reviews. Some of the reviews are in multiple parts, these links should all take you to part 1 of each review.

I encourage you to check out what others are saying about this book. Some of these reviews are from Koinonia readers but many are not. Con even shows up in the comments on a few of them. Let's keep the discussion going here and elsewhere about verbal aspect – what it is, and how it affects our understanding of Biblical Greek.  

And don't forget about Con's blogs:

If I missed yours be sure to add it in a comment. See you at ETS and SBL!


  • Donald Kim 9 years ago

    Sorry for being a bit outspoken here, but Jesse sent me a copy, too and I’ve reviewed the book on my blog.


  • Donald Kim 9 years ago

    Apologies, again. Having read some of the reviews above, I see that I did speak too soon. Okay, it’s time for bed. Looking forward to ETS and SBL…

  • Jesse 9 years ago

    Sorry we missed linking to your review. I have updated the post.

    If we missed anyone else, please let us know.