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For just this week we are excited to offer an eBook sale on every volume in the Counterpoints series!

The Counterpoints series is indispensable for understanding different views on Christianity’s vital issues. The series covers diverse topics in the areas of theology, biblical studies, and church life including volumes on the Trinity, the historical Adam, hell, biblical inerrancy, baptism, the rapture, women in ministry, eternal security, and much more.

These volumes feature contributions from some of today’s most respected scholars and theologians including Michael F. Bird, Wayne A. Grudem, Michael Horton, Craig S. Keener, Tremper Longman III, Douglas J. Moo, Thomas R. Schreiner, Kevin J. Vanhoozer, and many more.

This sale includes the newest additions to the series:

9780310514947 Genesis: History, Fiction, or Neither? | Edited by Charles Halton and Stanley N. Gundry

Discover three predominant ways to interpret Genesis’ genre, and the implications for our biblical understanding. The contributors and views include:
James K. Hoffmeier: Theological History
Gordon J. Wenham: Proto-History
Kenton L. Sparks: Ancient Historiography



doctrine-trinity-coverTwo Views on the Doctrine of the Trinity | Edited by Jason S. Sexton and Stanley N. Gundry
Contributors include: Stephen R. Holmes, Paul D. Molnar, Thomas H. McCall and Paul S. Fiddes.

Leading contributors—one evangelical and one mainline/catholic representing each of the two views—establish their models and approaches to the doctrine of the Trinity, each highlighting the strengths of his view in order to argue how it best reflects the orthodox perspective.



Click here for links and details. Act now! The sale prices are valid through Sunday, September 13th.