Counterpoints Software Sale: $7 Apiece at Olive Tree and Accordance

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The historical Adam. Inerrancy. Divine providence. Final judgment. Each book in the Counterpoints series is indispensable for understanding different views on the foundational issues of Christianity. If it’s vital, it’s in Counterpoints…

And Counterpoints software is on sale for $7 apiece for a short time, at Olive Tree and Accordance.

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Don’t delay! This deal will disappear on November 20, 2016!


What’s special about the Counterpoints series?

Counterpoints volumes offer you expert dialogue on issues important to Christians.

Each Counterpoints volume—let’s take Genesis: History, Fiction, or Neither? for an example—contains multiple contributing authors from various theological backgrounds. Each expert presents their own perspective, but also responds to their fellow contributors. So in the Genesis volume you’ll read cases from James K. Hoffmeier (PhD, University of Toronto), Gordon J. Wenham (PhD, University of London), and Kenton L. Sparks (PhD, University of North Carolina), plus each contributor’s thoughtful responses to their peers.

This unique “dialogue” format helps you compare, critique, and evaluate different views on vital topics. You will be able to think more deeply about these subjects and reach informed conclusions.

For an introduction to Counterpoints’ multiple views, you can download this eBook (PDF) instantly, which we’ve adapted for you from Genesis: History, Fiction, or Neither?

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What if I don’t have an account with Olive Tree or Accordance?

The Olive Tree Bible app is free. Download it and then load your account with $7 Counterpoints while you still can!

You can also check out Accordance to see if it’s right for you. But remember, this $7 deal on Counterpoints ends soon!


So many Counterpoints… Where should I start?

Here’s a quick list of some popular volumes:

Shop now at Olive Tree or Accordance because this deal will disappear at 11:59pm ET on November 20, 2016!

  • John Smith 9 months ago

    Why is this not also featured on logos Bible software?

    • ZA Blog 9 months ago

      We attempted that and it just couldn’t work out. I apologize — I hope our next software sale will be at all vendors. ^Adam F.