eBook Sale: Gregory Koukl’s New Apologetics Release, “The Story of Reality”

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“It’s my favorite thing I’ve written yet,” says Greg Koukl, President of Stand to Reason, about his new apologetics book The Story of Reality: How the World Began, How It Ends, and Everything Important that Happens in Between.

You may recognize Koukl as the author of the classic apologetics work Tactics: A Game Plan for Sharing Your Faith. Koukl’s latest work, The Story of Reality released earlier this year, and right now the eBook edition is 60% off.

story-of-reality-3d-coverIn brief, The Story of Reality is a “wide-angle account of the Christian view of the world, a big-picture description of the meaning of the drama of human history.”

What people are saying

  • “Koukl has masterfully captured the heart of the Christian story in a way that is clarifying and insightful for believers but also eye-opening and thought-provoking for nonbelievers,” writes Sean McDowell.
  • “Greg Koukl is the right man to tell the story in such a clear, concise, and conversational way. This book explains the central ideas of Christianity and answers questions people are really asking,” writes Fred Sanders.
  • “Answers the big questions in a sharp, winsome, and accessible way. Read it, and then give it to a friend,” writes Michael Horton.
  • “The clearest explanation of the Christian worldview I’ve ever read. Koukl has brilliantly given us a simple tool we all can use in a culture that has lost touch with reality,” writes Rick Warren.

How does this book approach apologetics?

It’s infused with “soft apologetics,” explains Koukl—”thoughtful reflections that are not argumentative, but instead are friendly appeals to common-sense notions we’re all aware of that point to the truthfulness of the Christian account of the world.

“In this way the book will be helpful for Christians and life-changing for non-Christians.”

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