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Extra-Curricular Activities 04.27.13

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Paul Barnett – A Review of Con Campbell’s Paul and Union with Christ 

“Dr. Campbell has put us deeply in his debt by his dedicated
labours in producing this epochal book. 
Despite its immense erudition and imposing research it is written humbly
and simply and with due respect to those with whom he differs.”

Amie Patrick - Four Lies About Introverts

Leslie Keeney - Moral Intuition in the Television Wasteland

Brian LePort - Why I am not a Catholic

Joshua Paul Smith - Why I Am a Mennonite

Ben Witherington - Why I’m a Wesleyan Evangelical

Jenny Davis - The Place of Blogs in Academic Writing

Michael Bird - Romans 1:18-32 – A Paraphrase

Tim Gombis - Cruciformity is Not Passivity

Marc Cortez - I’m a Heretic, You’re a Heretic, Wouldn’t You
Like to Be a Heretic Too?

Louis McBride - Is it “Be Angry” or “In Your Anger”: Command
or Condition?

John Piper - Do You Use Bible Commentaries Written by Women?

Rachel Pietka - Hey John Piper, Is My Femininity Showing?

Shaunacy Ferro - Why We Stand Where We Do In An Elevator and
William Kremer - Why do we behave so oddly in lifts?

Wednesday Giveaway - Outreach and the Artist
Wednesday Giveaway - Outreach and the Artist Con Campbell has written a number of books about Greek and exegesis, including Keep Your Greek and Paul and Union with C...
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