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Extra-Curricular Activities 06.22.13

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Introduction to Messianic JudaismJohn Frederick – Book Review — Introduction to Messianic

“I can say with certainty and enthusiasm that the book as a
whole is a profoundly important, extraordinarily clear, extremely informative,
and thoroughly entertaining work.”

Joel Willitts - “Storied Typology” – A possibly more
biblical way of thinking about the relationship between the OT & NT 

“if we think of Bible as Story and we read the earlier bits
as indispensible building blocks in the narrative development toward its
resolution than there’s no need to denigrate the earlier in view of the later
bits of the story.”

Al Andrews – Why It’s Often Better to Say Less 

“Being right, making my point, or being heard and noticed,
is losing its appeal. I find myself quieter these days, desiring an economy of
words. I want my words to matter and bless and help.”

Glenn Stanton - Does College Cause Young Adults to Lose
Their Faith?

“among recently surveyed college students, 2.7 times more
report that their religious beliefs have strengthened during their college
experience than say their beliefs weakened.”

Paul Pastor - Yes Church, We Still Need Seminaries

“do we need seminaries? Yes, more than ever. But the popular
notion of seminaries as a place for training pastors and church leaders needs
to be reexamined. Theological schools need to ask "How can we better serve
the whole church?" Not just pastors, but people of all occupations who
need deeper training in the faith?”

William Yoder - The Baptist Bearing Robes and Incense 

“Songulashvili has 'uncovered the treasures' of
the Orthodox tradition, he says, and incorporates them into faith and practice.
He intends to lead a denomination that's Baptist in theology while both
Georgian and Orthodox in culture—and to break the longstanding impasse between
evangelical Protestants and Orthodox throughout Eastern Europe.”


Extra-Curricular Activities is a weekly roundup of stories on biblical interpretation, theology, and issues where faith and culture meet. We found each story interesting, thought-provoking, challenging, or useful in some way – but we don't necessarily agree with or endorse every point in every story. 

If you have any comments on these stories, we welcome you to share them here. We hope you enjoy!

- The Editors of Koinonia Blog

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