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Extra-Curricular Activities 07.06.13

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Andy Crouch - The Future Shape of Theological Education (HT:
Brian LePort)

"What do seminaries have to say to a culture that orients itself to the image, not the word (or the Word)? Or to use a better verb, what do they have to show?."

Abraham KuyperJames K.A. Smith - Naturalizing "Shalom": Confessions
of a Kuyperian Secularist

"In strange, often unintended ways, the pursuit of
"justice," shalom, and a "holistic" gospel can have its own
secularizing effect. What begins as a Gospel-motivated concern for justice can
turn into a naturalized fixation on justice in which God never appears."

[Image Source: Jesus Creed]

Scot McKnight - What Kuyper Said

"the point of the gospel is to tell us something about God —
more pointedly, about God in Jesus Christ and that Jesus Christ is the Lord,
the Messiah/King, the one who saves — and not first about us."

Craig Bubeck - The Whole Gospel in One Word

"As I've mulled over some familiar Scriptures, I have been
drawn toward a rare certainty in their inescapably direct teaching: God himself
is love by definition. Everything he has been about and is about is
uncompromising love."

Justin Taylor - What Happens When You Deprive Children of
Scary Stories

"The baby has known the dragon intimately ever since he had
an imagination. What the fairy tale provides for him is a St. George to kill
the dragon."

Nathan Schneider - William Lane Craig, The New Theist

"Well-publicized atheists like Dawkins and Harris are closer
to being household names than William Lane Craig is, but within the subculture
of evangelical Christians interested in defending their faith rationally, he
has had a devoted following for decades."


Extra-Curricular Activities is a weekly roundup of stories on biblical interpretation, theology, and issues where faith and culture meet. We found each story interesting, thought-provoking, challenging, or useful in some way – but we don't necessarily agree with or endorse every point in every story. 

If you have any comments on these stories, we welcome you to share them here. We hope you enjoy!

- The Editors of Koinonia Blog


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