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Character Formation in Online Education

If you currently teach online, or you’re part of a school exploring online learning, you have probably asked yourself the following questions:

  1. What does it mean to teach in a higher education setting from a distinctly Christian perspective?
  2. What are the best practices for teaching online?

Many people have answered each of these questions thoughtfully and well. You have no doubt encountered excellent material on these subjects written by thoughtful and experienced educators.

However, a gap still exists: very little has been written on the subject which combines these two questions.

In other words:

What does Christian teaching and learning look like online? How does an online learning environment lead to character and spiritual formation in students?

These questions frame the newly released Character Formation in Online Education, written by Joanne J. Jung, who is chair of the Talbot School of Theology committee for online learning.

This book provides concrete tips and tools for growing learning communities in online courses that are marked by character growth in students—the kind of growth that is central to the mission of Christian higher education.

Right now you can download part of this book for free.

This is an essential read for:

  • Administrators at Christian colleges and seminaries
  • Faculty teaching online or exploring using online components in their residential classrooms
  • Course designers for any subject, including general education classes at Christian colleges and seminaries
  • Anyone interested in topics related to online learning in Christian higher education

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Character Formation in Online Education