Good Christians Make Good Humans: A Q&A with Michael Wittmer on “Becoming Worldly Saints”

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Becoming Worldly Saints by Michael Wittmer

Can you serve Jesus and still enjoy your life? That’s the question author and professor Michael Wittmer asks in his new book Becoming Worldly Saints. It’s also a question that gets at the heart of what it means to be a Christian, as much as what it means to be human. Because, as Wittmer argues, “Good Christians make good humans.”

Or at least they should. And yet many wonder if you can do both — be a Christian, with all that it entails, and still live a normal human life. I know I have.

Wittmer maintains you can, because the Christian life and the human life are actually one in the same flourishing life.

An intriguing proposition, to be sure. One I explored in an interview for OnFaith. Our discussion included:

  • His thoughts on why there’s such a disconnect between our earthly life and heavenly pursuits;
  • The idea Christians cannot separate creation from redemption — and we get into trouble when we do;
  • How Christians get it wrong when we try and fit our normal human activities into the meaning of life;
  • Our struggle to reconcile the urgency of the gospel with the demands of being human;
  • The popular version of heaven is “a terrible lie that tragically undersells the destiny of people”;
  • His claim that the only way you can enjoy your life is if you’re serving Jesus.

You can watch the full 30-minute interview here, and follow the highlights in the post.

If you’re wondering whether being a Christian and being human are mutually exclusive, what you’ll discover in this interview and Wittmer’s book is far more hopeful than you may think!

Becoming Worldly Saints

By Michael Wittmer

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