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Living on the Seam of History: African Christianity
Part 7, Towards a Missiological and Theological Renaissance

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“The Bible is being enthusiastically read with fresh new eyes and with a new sense of immediacy. It is being read by people familiar with persecution and suffering. It is being read by believers who are often a tiny minority in the midst of a climate hostile to their faith. It is being read by believers who understand the bold, revolutionary implications of the gospel. It is being read by people who take its message seriously and fully anticipate the supernatural in-breaking of the kingdom in their midst. The gospel is being read afresh as good news. The result is that the church of Jesus Christ is growing in unprecedented ways in parts of the world once only regarded as the mission field. So, while 4,300 people may be leaving the church every day in Europe and North America, 16,500 are comic to faith each day in Africa alone.” (Tennent, Timothy C. Theology in the Context of World Christianity, 270-271)

Christopher J.H. Wright, author of the new book, The God I Don’t Understand, agrees in this clip and speaks of the implications of these changes:

Theo. in World Christianity “Twenty-first-century Christianity will largely be determined by the faithfulness of those outside our primary sphere of influence. After all, the theology that matters the most is wherever the most Christians are located. We must rejoice that in God’s sovereignty he has given us the opportunity to serve in new and exciting ways alongside our brothers and sisters from around the world. As global Christians, we have “been to the mountaintop” and have captured a glimpse of some of the great things God is doing around the world today. We have listened as our brothers and sisters from around the world have responded to God’s surprising work in their midst. Together with all Christians in all times and places we must surely recognize that the best theological enquiry anywhere in the world, or during any time in history, always serves to pull the entire church forward into that great eschatological fact of Jesus Christ.” (Tennent, 272)

Has your church or ministry seen the impact of the Global Church, or not yet? If so, what happened and how did it affect the spiritual growth of those involved? Do you agree that we are "living on the seam of history?"

Prof. Wright mentioned the Africa Bible Commentary which I've mentioned in other posts. If you want more information about the ABC click here. This series was intriguing for me to work on and provided a lot of great discussions around the office here at Z. I hope you were blessed by it as well.


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