My Advice to Students — Lynn Cohick Says, “Take Paul’s Advice in Philippians”

Jeremy Bouma on September 3rd, 2014. Tagged under .

Jeremy Bouma

Jeremy Bouma (Th.M.) has pastored on Capitol Hill and with the Evangelical Covenant Church in Michigan. He founded THEOKLESIA, which connects the 21st century Church to the vintage Christian faith; holds a Master of Theology in historical theology; and makes the vintage faith relevant at

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story-of-godBy now most seminaries have received a fresh (and seasoned) crop of students eager to learn the Bible and theology and prepare for a life of Christian service. So it’s fitting we restart our regular advice to students with some wisdom about our pursuits and motivations.

Lynn Cohick, author of the Philippians commentary in the Story of God Bible Commentary series, says students should take Paul’s advice when it comes to their academic career. The particular advice Cohick quotes in Philippians can be boiled down to two convicting commands:

  1. Don’t lose your first love;
  2. Don’t make it about yourself.

Whether you are a new or returning seminary student, listen to Cohick share advice from Paul’s own ministry resolution—and then resolve to join Paul by making your academic year about Christ, and Christ alone.

-Jeremy Bouma, Th.M. (@bouma)


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