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Today we’re announcing five new online courses, covering a variety of subjects, and taught by first-rate scholars.

Whether you want to learn more about the life of Paul for a Bible study, improve your preaching, or understand the most difficult moral dilemmas of our time, these course are the perfect place to start.

To celebrate, all new courses are $20 off! Take advantage of this introductory pricing to jump-start your learning.

Thinking Through Paul: A Survey of His Life, Letters, and Theology

Thinking Through Paul: A Survey of His Life, Letters, and Theology

taught by Todd Still and Bruce W. Longenecker

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In this course, you will become more familiar with Paul’s life and the significance of Paul’s writings. You’ll also gain insight into the theological themes of Paul’s New Testament. The course starts with an introduction to the life of Paul before examining each of Paul’s letters individually.

Church History 2: From Pre-Reformation to the Present Day

Church History 2: From Pre-Reformation to the Present Day

taught by Frank A. James III and John Woodbridge

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In this course, you’ll learn the most important figures and ideas that shaped the church from just before the Reformation until modern times. You’ll also gain insight into the relationship between broader world history and church history.

Preaching God's Word

Preaching God’s Word: A Hands-On Approach to Preparing, Developing, and Delivering the Sermon

taught by J. Scott Duvall, J. Daniel Hays, and Terry G. Carter

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This course will help you develop and deliver biblically based expository sermons. You’ll learn guidelines for studying Scripture passages with an eye toward deriving sound application for your audience. You’ll also learn the nuts and bolts of effective communication.

Moral Choices An Introduction to Ethics

Moral Choices: An Introduction to Ethics

taught by Scott Rae

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This course combines theory and application. It will introduce you to foundational ethical systems. You will also learn to think biblically and critically about some of today’s pressing ethical issues, such as abortion, reproductive technologies, euthanasia, capital punishment, sexual ethics, war, economics, and more.

Understanding World Religions

Understanding World Religions

taught by Irving Hexham

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If you’ve found yourself encountering the popular idea that all religions lead to God, or if you’ve ever wondered how to become familiar with other religions without compromising your own faith, then this course is an ideal way to learn. In this course, you’ll begin to understand the most important figures, practices, and writings of the world’s main religions. You’ll explore the world’s broad sweep of religions under the categories of African religions, the Yogic traditions (including Buddhism), and the Abrahamic traditions.

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