NIV Application Commentary Software Is Just $7.99 For a Short Time

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NIVAC Commentaries on Sale

Good news! Each NIV Application Commentary software edition is just $7.99 for a short time!

NIVACs are indispensable tools for understanding and teaching God’s Word.

And for a brief time all 42 NIVAC software editions are just 8 dollars apiece at the online stores of Logos, Accordance, WORDsearch, and Olive Tree. That means you save an average of 65% off the original price!

Act fast, this sale ends January 14!

(Note: If you buy from Logos, use code NIVAC16 to get the deal.)





Learn from word-class scholars with NIVAC commentaries:

  • John H. Walton on Genesis and Job
  • Scot McKnight on Galatians and 1 Peter
  • Tremper Longman III on Daniel
  • Darrell Bock on Luke
  • Daniel I. Block on Deuteronomy
  • Craig L. Blomberg on 1 Corinthians
  • Doug Moo on Romans and 2 Peter, Jude
  • Many others

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Q1: What if I don’t have one of the software platforms (like Logos) or one of the apps (like Olive Tree) that you list above?
A1: You have a little time to pick the right platform for you, but don’t delay: This sale ends January 14, 2016.

Q2: Are the book editions on sale too?
A2: No, the print and ebook editions are regular price. The only editions on sale are the software/app editions at Logos, Accordance, Olive Tree, and WordSearch.

Q3: Can I buy the whole set as a “bundle”?
A3: Yes. In fact, Accordance only has the bundle on sale. In other words, the individual volumes are not on sale at Accordance but the bundle price works out to an average of $7.99 per volume.

Q4: Is every NIVAC volume on sale?
A4: Every NIVAC that has been published is on sale.

Q5: Which NIVAC volumes haven’t been published yet?
A5: There are two: Ezra/Nehemiah, and Psalms Vol. 2.

Q6: Hold on a second, what is NIVAC anyway?
A6: The NIV Application Commentary series equips you for both halves of interpretive work: You will discover the original meaning of Scripture, then explore its contemporary application. In other words, these volumes will help you bring the Bible’s ancient message into your context today.

These resources feature top-notch scholarship by John H. Walton, Scot McKnight, Tremper Longman III, Darrell Bock, Craig L. Blomberg, and many others.

Visit your preferred platform today, because this sale ends on January 14, 2016!

  • Dave Mackey 3 years ago

    Looks like Logos hasn’t updated the pricing yet. :)

    • ZA Blog 3 years ago

      Dave, to see special pricing at Logos you’ll need to enter coupon code NIVAC16.

  • Chris Vogt 3 years ago

    I tried going to LOGOS, entered the code, but the price remained $949.99 for the whole set. Nothing changed! Am I missing something?

  • Chris Vogt 3 years ago

    Hi, I don’t want to miss the sail for the NIVAC. When I go to LOGOS the coupon code does not seem to change the price. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

  • James C. Peters 3 years ago

    Have 20 of these books in print and 3 in e-book form. Is it possible to purchase what I don’t have already at the sale price?