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Reaching Muslims: The Case for the Gospel

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Today's post is from Nabeel Qureshi, whose new Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus online course is now available. For a limited time, get free access to a portion of the course, The Case for the Gospel.

I was raised a Muslim, and it was through a friendship that I was able to see that perhaps Christianity was true.

A friend of mine over the course of three and a half years made the case for Christianity for me. He told me that it wasn’t a religion of polytheism and falsehood, but actually a religion of hope and faith, and in fact, a relationship with our Father, God himself.

In the course of doing that, he also showed me that perhaps Islam wasn’t what I had always thought it was.

Relationships and Apologetics

So it was through relationships and apologetics that I was opened up to asking God to finally reveal himself to me.

And when I turned to the Bible, it was there that I encountered the living God through his word, and I gave my life to Jesus Christ.

That process took many years, and my friend did an excellent job of being humble, of learning along with me, and of sharing the Gospel with me through thick and thin.

And that’s what I’m hoping to be able to equip all of us to do here through these sessions.

Understanding Muslims

I want us to be able to understand Muslims. Because Muslims aren’t all the same type. There are various Muslims from different backgrounds. I want us to be able to understand them.

And then I want to be able to equip all of us with the evidence and the information to share with Muslims that often keeps them from hearing and from receiving the Gospel message.

Ultimately, though, I want to draw together the case for the Gospel in such a way that it’s palatable for Muslims, and that you can share it with them and connect with them, and find them in your community and befriend them, and through the course of your friendship, share the Gospel with them.

Doing the work of Christ

These sessions are all about doing the work of Christ. He has told us in his word, love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul with all your mind with all your strength, and love your neighbor as yourself.

We as Christians are called to love our Muslim neighbors, and in loving them, to share our love for God with them. To share the Gospel with them.

In these sessions I hope to equip us to do exactly that. To love our Muslim neighbors as Jesus has called us to do.

Understand the differences between Christianity and Islam

In the Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus online course, you will learn a framework for thinking about how to understand Islam—and your own faith as well.

You will discover:

  • The differences between Islam and Christianity
  • The truth about Muhammad
  • Effective strategies for engaging Muslims in spiritual discussions
  • The most common Muslim objections to Christianity
  • The key beliefs upon which Islam stands or falls
  • And much more...

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