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Science, Creationism, and Seven Days

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Pillars-of-creation-a-photograph-taken-by-the-hubble-telescope-of-columns-of-interstellar-gas-and-dust-in-the-eagle-nebula-where-new-stars-are-continuously-being-born1 Andrew, from our sister blog Engaging Church, sent along an interesting interview with Oxford Professor John Lennox.

Lennox wrote the book Seven Days that Divide the World, which will be released later this year. In it he wrestles with the tension we often create between faith and science.

You can read an excerpt of the article below and find the rest here

“‘I think that sometimes people have been taught there are only two possibilities: Possibility one is that if you are being faithful to Scripture, you have to be a young earth creationist. Otherwise you're an evolutionist or a theistic evolutionist, and you're not faithful to Scripture," he explained to the Christian Post. ‘I don't think that is the case ... the whole point of the book is to explain that in some detail.’ 

Lennox writes that all the wonders of the universe affirm the existence of the God of the Bible.

Therefore, he told CP, ‘it's not a quest of trying to keep up [with science], but it's a quest of looking at what God has revealed of Himself in nature, and looking at what God has revealed of Himself in the Bible and trying to make sense of those two.’

With that thought, Lennox convinces Christians they should not be afraid to explore the Bible for openings where God's account of the world's creation and modern scientific discoveries can intersect.

In his book, Lennox first suggests that Genesis teaches readers the possibility that the seven days are suggestive of a more complex process.”

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