“The Best Comment on Yahweh” via Bruce K. Waltke

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We just found this piece by Bruce K. Waltke in our blog archives, unpublished since 2008. I can’t explain the delay, but here it is now.  —Adam Forrest, Zondervan Academic Blog

Together, Professor James M. Houston and I have written a commentary on selected Psalms (The Psalms as Christian Worship: An Historical Commentary—Eerdmans, 2010). Professor Houston, formerly Lecturer of historical geography at Oxford, with a specialization in the history of ideas, and founder of Regent College, cites this passage from Hillary of Poitiers, first bishop of Gaul (4th century), on the meaning of the Name [Yahweh]. It is the best comment I have read.

Houston comments:

He (Hillary of Poitiers) narrates that as he was searching how he should live his life, “I chanced upon those books which according to Jewish tradition were written by Moses and the Prophets. In…

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