Software Sale: Biblical Greek & Hebrew Resources Are 50% Off

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Software Super Sale: Zondervan Greek and Hebrew Software is 50% off!

Explore the Old and New Testaments through the lens of their original languages! Wherever you are in the Biblical languages learning process – from beginner to scholar – you will find a resource that will propel you to the next step.

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Act fast! Sale ends 12/19/15.

Here are a few recommendations:

Greek for the Rest of UsGreek for the Rest of Us, Second Edition | William D. Mounce You don’t have to be a Greek student to understand biblical Greek. Developed by a renowned Greek teacher, this revolutionary crash-course…

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Christianity Today’s 2014 Book Award for Biblical Studies: “Paul and Union with Christ” by Con Campbell

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PanduCongratulations to Constantine Campbell, who's just been awarded the 2014 Christianity Today Book Award in Biblical Studies for his book Paul and Union with Christ.

Paul and Union with Christ: An Exegetical and Theological Study is among several books from this year that Christianity Today hand-picked as "most likely to shape evangelical life, thought, and culture."

Craig L. Blomberg had this to say about Paul and Union with Christ:

Campbell tackles a massive topic on which no consensus has ever been reached. He covers the waterfront in terms of judicious analysis of the relevant Scriptures, and he adopts sensible, convincing, multifaceted conclusions. Yet for all its learnedness, the book is so carefully structured and clearly written that the reader marvels…

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Key Influences on Con Campbell’s Research for His Book “Paul and Union with Christ”

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9780310329053Constantine R. Campbell's new Paul and Union with Christ is one of the most thorough treatments of one of Paul's most important, yet obtuse subjects I have seen.

As Campbell explains, "The theme of union with Christ in the writings of the apostle Paul is at once dazzling and perplexing. Its prevelance on every page of his writings demonstrates his proclivity for the concept, and yet nowhere does he directly explain what he means."

Hence this important book. And in it he engages two central concerns of Paul's scheme: what union with Christ actually is and what role it performs in Paul's theology. The manner in which he engages them is through both exegesis and theology, an unusual…

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Help Con Campbell write his next book…and win a free a copy!

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In January Con Campbell posted a blog series called "Keep Your Greek" on (Here's a link to post #1) This was his intro to the series:

Con Campbell Students, and more often pastors, occasionally ask me for advice about how to keep their Greek (and Hebrew) at a good level, while in the midst of demanding ministry work. They’ve spent hundreds of hours at college or seminary getting the biblical languages under their belt, so it’s a crying shame to then lose that hard-earned ability and knowledge through lack of use. This problem also applies to academics who may have a couple of other languages, such as French and German, that they want to…

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