What Is an “Evangelical” Dogmatics of Scripture? Here’s a Framework

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voiceofgodtextofscriptureSeveral years ago, Oliver Crisp and Fred Sanders conceived of an annual conference discussing and explicating Christian doctrine, one that was self-consciously ecumenical and sought to resource contemporary systematic theology. The result was the Los Angeles Theology Conference (LATC).

Earlier this year, the fourth annual gathering was framed by this question:

How does the voice of God come to us in the text of Scripture?

The result was The Voice of God in the Text of Scripture, a series of illuminating, constructive essays exploring the ways God speaks through the biblical text. Of this unique text Crisp and Sanders write,

we stand before a theological claim of the first order, and one of the right responses is to develop a doctrine of Scripture adequate to its divine authorship. Somewhere…

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5 Ways the Doctrine of the Trinity Keeps Theology Healthy & Balanced

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Advancing Trinitarian Theology

Oliver Crisp and Fred Sanders believe the time is ripe for both theological retrieval and construction, exposition and reflection with the doctrine of the Trinity. It’s why they organized this past year’s Los Angeles Theology Conference around this theme, and why they’ve worked with Zondervan Academic to collect the presented papers into an edited volume, Advancing Trinitarian Theology.

It is part of what they call the Trinitarian Theology Project, a sort of resurgence of trinitarian engagement in response to oversimplifications and derelictions of the dogma. The project is represented by leading counter-revolutionary voices, including Lewis Ayres, Stephen R. Holmes, Karen Kilby, Donald H. McCall, and others.

The first essay, which I’ve engaged below, is an orienting one. In it, Sanders describes how the doctrine should function within systematic theology by offering five important ways the…

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