Developments in My Field of Study — Douglas Campbell Offers 3: 1970’s Literature, Humanities Voices, Western Incarceration

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9780310326953Last week we here at Koinonia Blog launched an exciting new series called Developments in My Field of Study. Michael Bird headlined our all-star line-up with a look at what's trending in New Testament studies, providing a glimpse into its current scholarly state.

Today we offer another prophetic voice, Douglas Campbell's, professor at Duke Divinity and contributor to Four Views on the Apostle Paul. In the video below he offers a fascinating look at 3 developments within the field of Pauline studies:

  1. Unanswered questions from 1970's major Pauline studies
  2. Insights from contemporary humanities voices
  3. Engagement with Western and ancient incarceration issues.

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My Advice to Students — Doug Campbell Shares 2 Things to Cure Boredom and Theological Weakness in Students

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In our ongoing advice series to students, Doug Campbell (contributor to the book Four Views on the Apostle Paul) shares two bits of insight he wishes he would have received early on in his career.

The first thing he advises is, "You need to feel that you've been called to your subject." You will be fatigued and bored later in life if you're not passionate about the issues in a given subject. So unless you're passionately engaged, steer clear.

The second thing he'd want to say is, "there is a terrible theological weakness in a lot of students today." He says students often think we just need to just read a text and it tells us what it wants to tell us. Such a mindset leads to a "descriptive impericism that can be a little bland." He encourages students…

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