How Should Christians Approach Political Debates? – An Excerpt from Five Views on the Church and Politics

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Politics and the Church is a topic that draws out our passions. Five Views on the Church and Politics offers a helpful, balanced overview of five Christian views as General Editor Amy Black brings together five key political traditions within Christianity: Anabaptist, Lutheran, Catholic, Reformed, and Black Church. This resource will enable you to consider the most significant Christian views on political engagement and then to draw your own, better-informed conclusions.


Five Views on the Chruch and PoliticsIn contemporary politics, one need not look far to find examples of Christians aligning themselves on different sides of major political debates. One Christian organization argues passionately for government action on a public policy, even as another argues loudly against it. How should Christians approach political debates over divisive issues such as health care, the environment, immigration, and…

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Top 10 Theology Books Your SBL, ETS Book Bag Will Crave

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Yes, it’s that time of year again: the gauntlet of AAR/SBL and ETS plenary sessions, lectures, meetings, and receptions.

We know it can be an overwhelming and stressful season. On top of adding that final polish and flair to your presentation, you’ve got to pack your suitcase “just so,” so that you have room for the bounty of books you know you won’t be able to resist. So we thought we’d lend a helping hand by charting a course for your book-buying adventure.

Below are the top theology resources your book bag will crave this season, and for which your carry-on will probably resent you.

They represent the latest, cutting edge research and scholarship in Reformation studies, biblical theology, dogmatic theology, and historical theology.

So print this list and take it with you. Your book…

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