There’s a Difference Between Frenetic Activism & Faithful Activity — An Excerpt from Michael Horton’s “Ordinary”

Jeremy Bouma on 3 years ago. Tagged under ,,.

9780310517375Last month Michael Horton released a new book inviting readers to recover their sense of joy in the ordinary. Ordinary is your guide to a sustainable discipleship that happens over the long haul.

Yet Horton makes it clear that “ordinary” doesn’t mean passive—as if we’re called to trade in our activism, campaigns, and movements for a quiet life on the sidelines. Instead, we need to ask ourselves what kind of action are we called to take, why are we to take it, and to what end?

“There is a difference between frenetic activism and faithful activity in the daily struggles of and joys of life.” (39)

In the excerpt below Horton turns our attention to the gospel to help answer those questions in order to help…

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