The Glory of God According to Leigh, Edwards, Bavinck, and Westminster

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9780310515807What does the Reformed motto soli Deo gloria actually mean, for both God and us? While it is often reduced to a call for moral action, David VanDrunen reveals it to be a far more theocentric battle cry.

God’s Glory Alone retrieves this rich, nuanced Reformed conception in order to help us rightly view God and enable us to reflect his glory.

Below we briefly engage an early chapter to show how three key Reformed theologians and one foundational confession explain this motto. You will learn what I myself learned:

The glory of God is first and foremost about God himself and how he reveals his glory in the world. (28)

The Glory of God and Edward Leigh

Edward Leigh may not be as recognized as…

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Remnantal Revelation: Why Non-Christian Religions Exist

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Out of what are non-Christian religions fashioned? From where did other religions come, and why do they exist?

These questions are fundamental to the new cogent, contemporary and evangelical engagement with a theology of religions, Their Rock Is Not Like Our Rock.

Author Daniel Strange argues such questions also get at a fundamental aspect of human nature that’s often overlooked, nay, neglected by contemporary culture:

We’re not merely Homo Sapien (“knowing man”); we’re Homo Adorans. Worshipping Man. We’ve worshiped a g/God or the gods from the very beginning of time.

Strange has a theory to explain why.

Strange posits, “a ‘single-source’ theory of revelation and knowledge, when the whole of humanity was in proximity of redemptive-historical events…” (104) He calls this source remnantal revelation.

He argues such revelation is specific, supernatural knowledge…

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Are Your People Real? 6 Marks of a Real Christian Inspired by Jonathan Edwards

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What is a real Christian?

This seemingly basic question was one Jonathan Edwards himself grappled with during the intense movement of the Spirit in America, known as the Great Awakening.

Of this question, pastor and author Todd Wilson notes that Edwards realized “this is a perennial question for the church. Each generation must wrestle with this issue and draw on the wisdom of Scripture and the saints of old to offer the church a faithful and relevant description of the marks of authentic faith.” (24)

In his book Religious Affection, Edwards answered his question by outlining twelve marks of genuine Christian faith. Inspired by this description, Wilson aims to provide the contemporary church with a similar description of what it means to be “real.”

In Real Christian, he outlines six important marks of real Christianity,…

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