“Redemptive Release” for Wayward Souls – 3 Biblical Examples

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9780310523536_imageWhat do you do when someone you love—a friend, a spouse, a child—goes wayward, as we sometimes say? And how do you pursue someone who has hurt you, who has sinned against you?

These deep, important questions are often fraught with pain and confusion. Two pastors with fifty years of experience want to help you navigate them.

In their richly biblical, deeply practical new book Letting Go, pastors Dave Harvey and Paul Gilbert offer counsel for dealing with and caring for the prodigal who has strayed.

As pastors and counselors, we offer to step into your pain and confusion and point you to the One who redeems prodigals with his tough, rugged love. … He cares for the wayward person infinitely more than we do. In this book we want to look…

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How Can We Love a Prodigal? An Excerpt from Letting Go: Rugged Love for Wayward Souls

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“There is an impulse embedded so deeply in creation that it even touches God-lovers. It’s a feeling that swims against the stream of our profession of faith, a strain of insanity that pushes us to stray from the One we love. We’re prone to wander.”

So, what does it look like to love someone who strays?

In today’s excerpt from Letting Go, Rugged Love for Wayward Souls, pastors Dave Harvey and Paul Gilbert share stories of pain and hope as they reveal how to care for the prodigal.


9780310523536_imageThe world is broken. But you know that already. Just to get out of bed this morning, you had to dodge the debris. It’s why you are here, holding this book, seeking relief from the raining shards of shattered dreams. What kind…

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