Is Complementarianism Connected to Domestic Abuse?

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black and white bible black and blue wifeBlack and white Bible. Black and blue wife.

These two word pictures offer an all-too-real account of what many women in the Church face: black-and-blue domestic abuse at the hand of black-and-white complementary-minded husbands.

Ruth Tucker should know. For 19 years she suffered physical, emotional, and sexual abuse while her husband quoted biblical texts commanding her to submit to male headship. She recounts her story in her new book Black and White Bible, Black and Blue Wife.

She also uncovers an uncomfortable reality:

I have asked some of the dozens of critical unanswered questions that relate directly to women’s stories of abuse. Sadly, there is little evidence that proponents of male headship are seriously grappling with them and speaking out publicly, and most women…

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The Socratic Method – An excerpt from Black and White Bible, Black and Blue Wife

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In today’s excerpt from Black and White Bible, Black and Blue Wife, Ruth Tucker applies the Socratic method to the discussion of headship versus equality in marriage by asking questions. Many of these question, she explains, are questions she or other women she knows have actually asked in their marriages. What do submission and headship look like?–especially in the context of domestic abuse.

As Tucker says, she hopes this book will spark discussions instead of “angry wrangling.” Consider this together with her today.


The unexamined life is not worth living.


black and white bible black and blue wifePerhaps Socrates overstates his case, but it is important for us to examine our lives. Indeed, one of the reasons I so appreciate the apostle Paul is that he examines his…

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