5 Things Russell Jeung Learned Among Ancestors & Refugees

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9780310527831From Syrian refugees to Latin American immigrants, Westerners are wrestling with complicated realities of exile in all of its forms.

What does it mean to be the Church for such people, and what can we learn from our refugee neighbors as we love them in the name of Jesus? Russell Jeung helps us wrestle with such questions.

In his spiritual memoir At Home in Exile, Jeung shares the joyful and occasionally harrowing stories of his life in East Oakland’s Murder Dubs neighborhood, and how those experiences with exile and relationships with refugees shaped his faith.

What I’ve learned from my family and gained from my refugee neighbors is a more precious gift. I have come to realize that both now and in the future, each of us is honored as a…

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These Two Books Will Help You Understand and Alleviate Poverty

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For the Least of These and From Dependence to Dignity

There are greater disparities of wealth within the global body of Christ than at any time in history. More than 80 percent of the “poorest of the poor” live in the so-called “10/40 Window,” the band of countries that contain the vast majority of the remaining unreached people groups. And these people represent 2.6 billion who live on less than $1 a day.

Poverty is a massive-scale problem demanding the attention of every Christian, particularly because there are commands in God’s Word to alleviate poverty that believers must obey.

But how?

Two new books aim to show you, your students, and your ministries how to understand and alleviate poverty in your country and around the world:

9780310523000“For the Least of These” • Edited by Anne Bradley and Art Lindsley Read more