Flash Sale: “A Doubter’s Guide to the Bible” and “Raised?” eBooks Just $1.99

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Saint Thomas

Until July 3, 2015, these two eBooks are just $1.99 apiece:

1. A Doubter’s Guide to the Bible by John Dickson: SALE Price $1.99 | Regular Price $11.99 (83% off!)

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“A wonderful tour guide through the high points [of the Bible], dealing directly with the questions people have while explaining the gist of what is going on in Scripture. It is a tour well worth taking because it is led by such a competent guide.” –Darrell Bock, Senior Research Professor of New Testament, Dallas Theological Seminary


2. Raised? Finding Jesus by Doubting the Resurrection by Jonathan Dodson and Brad Watson: SALE Price $1.99 | Regular Price $5.99 (66% off)

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Faith in a Resurrected Christ Rescues Us from Misplaced Faith — An Excerpt from “Raised? Finding Jesus by Doubting the Resurrection”

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9780310517351In a few days many of us will teach on the most monumental event in history: Christ's resurrection. As I prepare for this honor myself I have been referencing a new resource on the subject, Raised? Finding Jesus by Doubting the Resurrection.

Today we are excerpting from this book not only to provide you a personal reflection. We also want to help you help your people replace their misplaced faith with true faith.

The authors argue a resurrected Christ rescues us from misplaced faith in 3 ways:

  1. The resurrection implies his death, which forgives us for the cosmic crime of treasonous faith in other things.
  2. Jesus is the right place for our faith because he is “the resurrection and the life.”
  3. The resurrection tells us that Jesus can satisfy our God-sized desires in this life and the next.

May this excerpt bless you and your people as you prepare for and preach Christ's resurrection.

-Jeremy Bouma, Th.M. (@bouma)

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“Raised?” Will Help You Teach The Implications of the Resurrection This Easter

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Like most of you, at the start of Holy Week I am deep in reflection upon the most monumental event in history: the resurrection. 

I'm deep in reflection not only personally, but pastorally. And the reason why is this: I want to preach the resurrection well. Not for the sake of professionalism, but for the sake of my people.

On the one hand I want them to believe it. To believe that that the tomb really is empty. That Jesus actually did rise from the dead to new physical life.

On the other I have something more pastoral in mind: I want my people this Sunday to grasp the event's significance and implications.

I want them to drink deep the marrow of its life-changing power, for them and for our world. I want them to know that death doesn't have the final word in their story because it didn't have the final word in Jesus' story.

Yes I want them to believe the event itself, that Jesus physically lives. I also want them to live the event, to understand how the resurrection impacts life right now, as much as the next life.

A new book is helping me craft my sermon to do just that. It’s called Raised? Finding Jesus by Doubting the Resurrection. Its authors respect our doubts, though clearly challenge people to believe in and then live the resurrection. Right now it’s helping me outline three clear, compelling implications of the resurrection: give, celebrate, and serve.

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What Do We Gain From a Raised Christ? 6 Big, Clear Benefits Say Dodson and Watson

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An important new resource for our postmodern, post-Christian world released last week. It's called Raised? Finding Jesus by Doubting the Resurrection. In it authors Jonathan K. Dodson and Brad Watson give people the permission to doubt the central claim of the Christian faith: That Jesus was actually, physically raised from the dead.

One of the things I appreciate about this book is how its entirely resurrection-centric. Not heaven-centric or purpose-and-meaning-centric. The resurrection takes center stage as the two authors carefully, pastorally draw readers into Christ's new life.

Furthermore, I appreciate how careful they are not to replace one consumeristic need with another. They make it clear "it's important to see the hope is not gaining a resurrection body. While stunning, the new body isn't the final reward. Christ is the ultimate reward. Jesus is the resurrection and the life…" (emph. mine, 35)

A super-cool new zombie body doesn't replace a super-cool land in outer space—as if escape from death and decay replaces escape from hell. No what we gain is Christ and being found in Him, as Paul writes. Because Jesus lives we live, but in Him.

Ok, fine, but how does that work itself out practically, in our daily lives? What I love most about this book is how Dodson and Watson take great care to apply the deep theological truth that Jesus was raised. The authors suggest we receive 6 big, clear benefits, because Jesus lives.

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Jesus Has Patience For Doubting the Resurrection, So Should We — An Excerpt From “Raised?”

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9780310517351I find it increasingly challenging to minister in our post-Christian, postmodern world—a world that doubts institutional truth claims, like those from Christianity, at every turn.

Many doubt that in the beginning God created. The Red Sea's parting, Jericho's falling walls, and Jonah's big fish are roundly doubted. Others doubt Jesus' miracles, and the belief that He is the only way, truth, and life.

And then there's that bit about the resurrection. To the modern mind, the notion is utterly implausible. With such an incredible assertion at the heart of the Christian faith, should it come as a surprise that some people struggle to believe?

Jonathan Dodson and Brad Watson, authors of a new, fresh book on the resurrection, say it shouldn’t. And where our first impulse might be to implore people to get over their doubt and just believe, they say otherwise.

In Raised?: Finding Jesus by Doubting the Resurrection, Dodson and Watson say Jesus Himself has room for doubt, even invites it. They insist Thomas' experience is proof positive:

[Jesus] invites Thomas to place his hands on his tender crucifixion wounds, to feel the truth. This scene is palpably human and curiously divine. We can identify with Thomas’s response, but Jesus’ tender patience is superhuman…

In other words, Jesus has patience for doubt—even of His resurrection. And so should we.

Unlike any other book on the subject, Raised? grapples with the believability of the resurrection and encourages your people to doubt in order to believe. Dodson and Watson don’t shy away from the hard questions or settle for easy answers. They will help your people see how the resurrection changes everything, offering hope for the future and answers to the life and death questions we all have.

The excerpt below explains why Jesus allowed doubt, even embraced it. It also encourages you to do the same for the sake of reaching an increasingly doubting culture with the gospel.

-Jeremy Bouma, Th.M. (@bouma)

Check out the books website (www.raisedbook.com) for more information and resources to help your church and groups study the resurrection. Also, be sure to watch the video "Doubt," the first in a fourt-part documentary that's designed to be watched and discussed in small groups.

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