Developments in My Field of Study — Robert Gundry Reveals 4 Key Interests in New Testament Studies

Jeremy Bouma on 4 years ago. Tagged under .

(Can’t see the video? Watch it here)

9780310494744The venerable Robert Gundry, professor emeritus at Westmont College and author of A Survey of the New Testament, has been a voice of biblical and theological guidance for a generation. So when he shares I listen!

Today Gundry shares four key areas that hold special interest for him in his field of New Testament studies, beginning with the so-called Synopic Problem.

He also expresses his interest in the relationship of the Gospel of John to Matthew, Mark, and Luke. In a surprising turn, Gundry explains how he believes differently than the most popular view regarding this relationship.

Finally, he reveals an interest in the relationship between the Book of…

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