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Top Three Things Purchased For


Well known research shows that theology books top most wish-lists on Valentine’s Day. In an effort to make Valentine’s Day shopping both successful and economical for you, we have gathered the finest of theological thinkers into an eBook sale.

I “Heart” Theology eBook Sale

Save up to 74% on over a dozen titles including:

A Theology of Mark’s Gospel (NEW!) | David E. Garland | Sale: $7.99 9780310270881

This landmark textbook, written by leading New Testament scholar David E. Garland, thoroughly explores the theology of Mark’s Gospel. It both covers major Markan themes and also sets forth the distinctive contribution of Mark to the New Testament and the canon of Scripture, providing readers with an in-depth and holistic grasp…

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[Common Places] New Studies in Dogmatics: Kickoff Reception at ETS Today (11/19/15)

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Karl Barth

Are you at ETS? This very morning, meet some of the team behind the New Studies in Dogmatics series at our coffee reception:

WHEN: November 19 (2015), 10:00 – 11:00 am WHERE: Zondervan Academic’s booth (#14)

Join us to celebrate the launch of the new NSD series. The first volume, now available for you, is Christopher R. J. Holmes’s The Holy Spirit.

Can’t make it to the reception? We’ll miss you. But here are some articles from our Common Places blog series that you will likely enjoy:

Barth’s Pneumatology in Christopher Holmes’ “The Holy Spirit” by Ben Rhodes

The Holy Spirit: An Interview with Christopher R. J. Holmes by Michael Allen and Scott Swain

Why I Wrote “The Holy Spirit” by Christopher R. J. Holmes

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What is the Holy Spirit? Augustine and Barth Help Us Understand

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The Holy Spirit by Christopher HolmesWhat is the Holy Spirit?

Is it akin to George Lucas’s pantheistic vision of The Force? Is “it” even the proper pronoun, an affront to the Third Person of the Trinity that bleeds him of his personhood?

Christopher Holmes’s accessible, rich resource, The Holy Spirit (New Studies in Dogmatics), answers this question and more via three historical interlocutors: Augustine, Aquinas, and Barth. His work fills a crucial gap in evangelical dogmatic scholarship by providing concrete answers about the Holy Spirit’s identity, origin, and acts.

In the post below, we excavate a narrow slice of Holmes’s work using our friends Augustine and Barth to shed new light on how we understand what/who the Holy Spirit is. They answer this question in similar, yet complementary ways, helping us think…

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Top 10 Theology Books Your SBL, ETS Book Bag Will Crave

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Yes, it’s that time of year again: the gauntlet of AAR/SBL and ETS plenary sessions, lectures, meetings, and receptions.

We know it can be an overwhelming and stressful season. On top of adding that final polish and flair to your presentation, you’ve got to pack your suitcase “just so,” so that you have room for the bounty of books you know you won’t be able to resist. So we thought we’d lend a helping hand by charting a course for your book-buying adventure.

Below are the top theology resources your book bag will crave this season, and for which your carry-on will probably resent you.

They represent the latest, cutting edge research and scholarship in Reformation studies, biblical theology, dogmatic theology, and historical theology.

So print this list and take it with you. Your book…

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God’s Freedom – An Excerpt from The Holy Spirit

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The Holy Spirit by Christopher Holmes

Today we continue our study of the third member of the Trinity. In The Holy Spirit, Chris Holmes takes up the questions surrounding the Spirit’s procession and mission with the help of three of the church’s greatest teachers—Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, and Karl Barth. The following excerpt begins to outline Barth’s contribution to pneumatology. This first book in the New Studies in Dogmatics series is now available from Zondervan Academic. Order your copy today.


Karl Barth is the last major classical interlocutor to feature in our account of the Holy Spirit. As Augustine and Thomas, Barth will not leave us room “for a facile self-dispensation from the burden of metaphysical thought.” This is because of one theological conviction above all else,…

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