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Why Is Blomberg's "Christians in an Age of Wealth" Distinctive and Important? One Word: Christian Giving

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New Testament scholar Craig Blomberg has written a new timely, distinctive resource, Christians in an Age of Wealth. The subtitle, "A Biblical Theology of Stewardship," gets at the aim of the book: to have an honest conversation about wealth and material possessions by exploring the Bible’s teachings on both.

Last week we shared an excerpt to show one reason why this book is so important: "Materialism...may well be the biggest competitor with the God of Jesus Christ for the allegiance of human hearts in our world today." (243)

This book is distinctive and important for another reason, Blomberg says in the video below, "because across the United States and in the Western world more generally percentage wise levels of Christian giving to the Lord’s work of all kind is approaching record lows. And with each successive younger generation that percent of giving drops.”

Pragmatically, this means many parachurch organizations and churches will slowly go out of business if giving isn’t turned around. Which is another significant reason why such a distinctive book is vitally important for the life of the Church.

So what does the Bible say about giving and stewardship? Blomberg asks a series of questions and provides a number of helpful, thought-provoking answers to what the Bible has to say to believers in the area of giving. The book's healthy balance between biblical exegesis and practical application makes it ideal for both everyday Christians and pastors or academics who may not be as familiar with what the Bible says about stewardship.

Watch Blomberg share in the video below to better understand how Christians in an Age of Wealth will benefit you and your people, and then order Blomberg's new work to help you better steward the resources God has entrusted to you.

(Can't see the video? Watch it here)

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