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Available for Pre-Order on December 15, 2021

A Doubter's Guide to World Religions

A Fair and Friendly Introduction to the History, Beliefs, and Practices of the Big Five
John Dickson
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The world is a very religious place. Wherever you look, people are worshipping, praying, believing, following, even dying for their faith. But are all religions the same? Do they all call on the same God simply using different names? Are their beliefs and practices simply cultural expressions of the same spiritual longings?

Written in John Dickson's characteristically engaging and readable style, this book presents each of the world's five major religions in their best light, carefully outlining the history, belief systems and spiritual practices of Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam so that the interested doubter can explore their similarities and differences. For believers and doubters alike, A Doubter's Guide to World Religions provides a fair and friendly introduction.

About the Author

John Dickson (PhD, Macquarie University) is an author, speaker, historian, and media presenter. John is author of more than 20 books, two of which became television documentaries. He also cohosted the documentary For the Love of God: How the Church is Better and Worse Than you Ever Imagined. John teaches a course on the historical Jesus at the University of Sydney, Australia, and researches the origins of Christianity in the Roman empire. He is an Honorary Research Associate at the University of Sydney, a Visiting Academic in the Faculty of Classics at Oxford University (2016–2021), and Distinguished Fellow in Public Christianity at Ridley College Melbourne. John presents Australia’s no.1 religion podcast, Undeceptions, exploring aspects of life, faith, history, culture, or ethics that are either much misunderstood or mostly forgotten.

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  • Page Count: 256
  • Format: Softcover
  • ISBN: 9780310118336
  • Release: March 15, 2022