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Products / An A-to-Z Guide to Biblical Prophecy and the End Times

An A-to-Z Guide to Biblical Prophecy and the End Times

J. Daniel Hays (Author) , J. Scott Duvall (Author) , C. Marvin Pate (Author)
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A comprehensive—yet compact—resource for those who truly desire to understand prophecy and eschatology in the Bible.

An A-to-Z Guide to Biblical Prophecy and the End Times provides helpful, concise articles on a broad sweep of topics relevant to the study of biblical prophecy and end times, including:

  • The Second Coming
  • Resurrection
  • Dispensationalism
  • The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
  • Zionism
  • Restoration of Israel
  • Islam
  • and the much more…

Each article is based on solid scholarship, yet are clear and accessible to the lay reader, illuminating even the most complicated issues. The dictionary also strives for a balanced presentation by laying out differing positions along with their strengths and weaknesses, while not pushing any specific theological or interpretive agenda other than a firm commitment to seeking to understand the Scriptures.

This is a valuable tool you will refer to time and again.

About the Authors

J. Daniel Hays (PhD, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) is dean of the Pruet School of Christian Studies and professor of Old Testament at Ouachita Baptist University. He is the author of From Every People and Nation, The Message of the Prophets, The Temple and the Tabernacle, and A Christian’s Guide to Evidence for the Bible: 101 Proofs from History and Archaeology. He has coauthored or coedited Grasping God’s Word; Journey into God’s Word; Preaching God’s Word; The Baker Illustrated Bible Background Commentary; Jeremiah and Lamentations; The Story of Israel: A Biblical Theology; and God’s Relational Presence: The Cohesive Center of Biblical Theology. He teaches adult Sunday School at his local church in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, and also speaks both regionally and internationally.

J. Scott Duvall (PhD, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) is professor of New Testament at Ouachita Baptist University. He is the coauthor of Grasping God’s Word, Journey into God’s Word, Preaching God’s Word, and God’s Relational Presence, and author of The Heart of Revelation and Revelation in the Teach the Text Commentary series. He teaches and preaches frequently in local churches.

C. Marvin Pate (MA, Wheaton; PhD, Marquette University) taught for thirteen years at Moody Bible Institute. Now he is chair of the department of Christian theology and professor of theology at Ouachita Baptist University. Pate has authored, co-authored, or edited twenty books.
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  • Page Count: 512
  • Format: Softcover
  • ISBN: 9780310496007
  • Release: March 26, 2012
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